Remembering Some of Those In Pan We’ve Lost in 2021

Global - The steelpan music community mourns the passing of some of the stalwarts of the art form in 2021.

In Memoriam - 2021

    • Williams Jones  William "Jonesy" Jones - President emeritus of CASYM Steel Orchestra has passed on February 4, 2021 - see more

    • Cecil "Pious" Atherton  Cecil “Pious” Atherton - Session musician for Calypso and Soca hits. Drummer for Hylanders Steel Orchestra. Ace conga player for Metro Steel Orchestra and Pantonic Steel Orchestra - passed on March 10, 2021 - see more
    •   Born - May 5th 1952  -- 

    • Cecil "Pious" Atherton  Alston Jack aka “Lil Jack” - Composer, Arranger, Panist, Performing and Recording Artist. Jack’s pan compositions have been featured on the soundtracks of Fatal Attraction, Working Girl and NBC’s daytime soap opera Another World. He has also appeared on the Cosby Show and Another World. He has arranged for bands in New York such as Harlem All Stars, Moods Pan Groove, Metro, Women in Steel, Tropicans and Pantonic. - passed on April 17, 2021 - see more
    •   Born on May 22, 2021

    • Joey Horsford  Panist & Administrator Joey Horsford of Silhouettes, Pan Rebels & NY Marsicans Steel Orchestra has passed - passed on May 19, 2021 - see more
    •   Born  -- 1960
    • Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed   Panist, composer & Champion arranger Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed of Cavaliers Steel Orchestra has - passed on May 25, 2021 - see more
    •   Born - January 2nd 1942 ------- 

    • James “Jimmy” Leyden  Composer & arranger James Alexander Leyden III was born on June 12, 1921 and passed away on May 25, 2021. Leyden formed and wrote charts for “Calliope′s Children,” one of the first High School steelbands in the US. He introduced Ellie [Mannette] to the strobe tuner and worked extensively with him on harmonic and overtone concepts (in Chappaqua, New York in 1971). Leyden toured with “Calliope′s Children” in Romania (1975) and Poland and Russia (1977). Leyden first came into contact with steelpan while vacationing in Tobago, sister isle of Trinidad, in 1957. - see more

    •   Administrator Claudette Baptiste of Women in Steel Orchestra -Claudette was one of only two women in New York who founded and led a steel orchestra; the other was the late Glenda Gamory of Pantonic Steel Orchestra - passed on May 27, 2021 - see more
    •   Born  -- 

    • Ron Berridge  Legendary big band leader and arranger Ron Berridge of Trinidad & Tobago passed on June 2, 2021.   - He was one of Trinidad and Tobago's greatest musicians. In addition, he was a former arranger of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.  see more
    •   Born  -- 2/9/1940 

    • Tressy Edwards  Popular, respected and much-loved steelpan muscian of Trinidad & Tobago passed on June 9, 2021.  In addition, she was a revered member of Phase II Pan Groove .  see more
    •   Born  -- 1/7/1970 

    • Winsford “Joker” Devine  Legendary Songwriter Winsford “Joker” Devine of Trinidad & Tobago passed on June 22, 2021.   - He is one of the most prolific, well-known songwriters to have ever walked the planet. With over 600 (six hundred) songs under his belt and to his credit, his songs have shaped and influenced generations. And in no short order he is one of the greatest creators of songs that have defined and championed all aspects of Trinidad and Tobago life and culture. Music that has touched the soul, defined and crossed generations, are undeniably his...  see more
    •   Born  -- 2/9/1943 

    • Lutalo Masimba Roy Lewis aka Lutalo Masimba, better known as Brother Resistance (1954 – 13 July 2021) was a rhythm poet and musician from Trinidad and Tobago.  well known for pioneering the rapso music movement in the 1970s, which led to the formation of his Network Rapso Riddim Band.  see more
    •   Born  -- 1954 

    • Godwin Bowen Much respected composer, arranger and musician.Godwin Bowen (xxxx– 16 July 2021) .  see more

    •  Ursula Tudor of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra  RIP - The outstanding panist and icon Ursula Tudor of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. (May 25,  1946 - July 21, 2021) .  see more

    • Gillian Nathaniel-Balintulo Gillian Nathaniel Balintulo, a renowned classical musician and teacher, who for many years served as musical director and conductor of Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra - December 18, 1948 - September 12, 2021  See more

  • Russell Anselm Charter  Mas’ man Russell Anselm Charter dies at 87 - made history for the Silver Stars Steel Orchestra as the first Steelband to ever earn "Band of the Year" and "People's Choice Award" in 1963. (April 21, 1934 - November 14, 2021) .  see more 
  • Mr. Anthony Williams   The Legendary Steelband Leader, Innovator, Musician and Champion arranger Anthony Williams passed at 90.  (June 24, 1931 - December 21, 2021) .  see more

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