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Remove Panorama 2017 from Pan Trinbago's Control

The overseeing of Panorama 2017 and the government's financial contribution to Panorama must be placed under a special commission.


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I agree with that Bugs. These people are guilty until proven innocent.

Agree 100%

Allyuh worse than DONALD TRUMP. Allyuh trying to over-ride all the ACTS OF PARLIAMENT that gave THE RIGHT HONOURABLE (Keith Diaz) supreme control of PAN/STEELBAND/STEELPAN/STEEL DRUM MUSIC all over THE GLOBE.

Well Claude

Rolly Polly give up Panorama. It is a festival now.


The DOLLY MINISTER took ONE STEP when she should have taken TWO. Now that $20 million has been handed over to the NCC (and not the PRESIDENT OF PANTRINBAGO) the only source of funds from which the EXECUTIVE could pilfer is the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS. So she should have (it's not too late) taken a SECOND STEP and put her own team in place to collect the PANORAMA GATE and then hand the proceeds over to the NCC to dispense appropriately.

Imagine how this executive  is going to bite up this GATE MONEY this year since that is the only butter for their yearly bread.


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