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Renegades Steel Orchestra -- Fact Check and Historical Notes - Clarification of the name "Renegades"

"The name of the band came from the movie, 'Mark of the Renegade'." ...Michael Marcano

In a recent interaction with When Steel Talks, Michael Marcano - president of Renegades Steel Orchestra informed us that the orchestra did not get its name at all from ...the movie, 'The Renegade' starring Larry Parks. 

According to Marcano "....that is an error as that movie was released in 1946, when Renegades didn't even exist. Formed in 1948 the band didn't adopt an official name until years later."

So published works on Renegades' naming have simply got it wrong. Furthermore, Mr. Marcano advised additionally - "Google the movie Mark of the Renegade and you will notice that the band's name on its logo, is written in the same type face as the poster for the movie [Mark of the Renegade]".

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"Published works on Renegades naming have simply got it wrong."

Somebody always re-writing this "PAN HISTORY" -- ah hope this highly accomplished NEW EXECUTIVE could set up an OFFICIAL PAN LIBRARY and start straightening out all the PAN HISTORY as best as they could.

But how Mr. Marcano take so long to come and make this correction?

Hi Claude

When Steel Talks reached out to Mr. Michael Marcano in his capacity of president of the Renegades Steel Orchestra music organization for verification of the data that was at hand.

Mr. Marcano actually shared that correction with When Steel Talks as a result of that fact-checking. Our customary practice for data that we feature on our site, is to seek out where possible, key people who can re-verify information.


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