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Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

BP Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

By Jamaal Greenidge

...reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

BP Renegades says the noise from the north stand during the panorama semi-finals affected its performance. The band has now filed an injunction against Pantrinbago, saying it failed to ensure conditions were right and fair for the competition last Sunday.

Pantrinbago says it has received the legal document and has passed it on to its lawyers. According to the band’s President, the DJ music played at the venue caused disorientation and band members were at a loss. BP Renegades failed to make it into the finals. National Carnival Commission Chairman Kenny De Silva yesterday Pantrinbago was responsible for that aspect of the event.

While BP Renegades did not make it to the finals, reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

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"This protest action is meant to represent ALL Bands for the future, to tell our so-called "Governing Body" that they can no longer, in the interest of profit, allow activities that work against the essence of the occasion....which remains our "National Instrument"......our beloved Steelband Music!"

I thank you Leon Chandler.

As a proud Renegades supporter of 35 years what crossed my mind was had this provocation taken place back then, the matter would have been settled quite differently albeit expeditiously. 

I can tell you I am very pleased with how the Manager, Captain, all players and of course the fans have all handled the situation. And you are right; this must never recur.

That Pan Trinbago is culpabile for allowing and encouraging the atrocious actions of DJs and soca artiste's performances during a National Semi-Final is without doubt and  warrants the dismissal of the entire Pan Trinbago board with immediate effect.

They no longer have any credbility on anything especially that which they allegedly govern.

What they have successfully done was to demonstrate to the world their indifference to our National Instrument, their incompetence in staging a Semi-Finals Panorama competition, their ignorance in their inability to learn from the past, their arrogance in the way they pussyfooted in their delaying tactics.and their insatiable greed.

They are a national and international disgrace to our country.  

I am very glad that you have shed some light on this burning subject. But how is it that Pan Trinbago is responsible for hiing out the place out side and  behind the north stand for an all inclusive fete. Had that fete been sanctioned for inside and under the north stand I would understand even more so perhaps who ever is interested in the profit making of the entire savanah is who you should be taking to court.

I have no love for the executive of Pan Trinbago because they never adddress the behaviour of their staff especially when they come in contact with the public, not one complaint is ever persue. I

 I am sorry for the trauma suffered by the players, added to that is the dissappointment of not being in the final.

The only thing that is odd here is the efffort to be admitted ino the Panorama instead of an APOLOGY and COMPENSATION from who ever it is who allowed that place to be hired out for an "All Inclusive Fete" as you yourself stated it was " An all Inclusive Fete" next/behind the North Stand not underneath or inside. EVEN PANTRINBAGO IS AWARE THAT PANORAMA IS A SET DATE ON THE CARNIVAL CALENDER. That noise was  there Savanah all afternoon and evening. And as usual all day long the north stand had to be quieten.

Sarah-Ann lawyers would say take the money, the apology and run. But these are musicians, musicians always want to perform. To Renegades credit, they are behaving as musicans. 



Thank you for setting the record straight! I hope that Renegades gets into the final!!!

More disrespect for Pan in the 'Land of Pan' - when will my people get it.


On carnival day Pan must yield to the DJ's and their big trucks. It is really ridiculous.


T&T show some respect for the Panman and give him/her their due.

Money is driving a lot of this foolishness as the art withers away; dies...

This is an excellent clarification, especially where you say:  "NO OTHER BAND suffered the same fate." If you can prove that with video tape and/or testimony from the police or other competent person(s), you have won the case, and the only question is the remedy.

(It might help also to cite the judges' score sheets and comments. Do these help your case any?)

As to remedy, the matter gets a little tricky, obviously. I'm not inclined to agree that Renegades be allowed to play in the finals. It's a competition after all, and there are rules -- you can never run the same race twice, so when you win be happy, when you lose, let it go. You can always come back next year.

In the interest of pan, it would be sufficient for the court to find that PT was culpable, and for PT to establish a rule that it "not happen again" to any other band.  Some symbolic monetary award (even if only $1) to Renegades would also underline the point. The PT membership might also want to make the executive pay dearly for this at the next PT elections. 

This should never be allowed to happen again. 

- Big Sid

I totally support leon's satement on the matter at hand.


Thank you Mr Chandler for clarifying the issue...

renegades need to go take a hike they  brought this on themselves take you cutarse go home come back next year i doh care what what none of you so call pan experts say please they need to let it rest take a page from exodus and by the way they come 13th so out ah that R.I.P TO YOU THEY PLAYED SHIT ANYWAY


Are you even a pan player or lover?? If so you would understand this is not about placing.......but about setting a precedent.....righting a wrong.........but you see to be blind to the realities of this situation..................
whatever boyie i have been playing pan b4 you born but you all should have never strike a note

Well since you know me that long and have been into pan longer as you claim, I'm both surprised and disappointed that you can't see the bigger picture in this...........Renegades does not need to be in a final to be a big band....WE ARE A BIG BAND.......with achievements like no other!!!!!

It's self-proclaimed "panmen" such as yourself that wikll sit back, get personal, and leave Pan Trinbago to run us all into the ground....BUT NOT ME!!!!!


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