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Lovely job. This is history performing here. Sarah Ann, I reserve any argument about sameness in sound and arrangement. A man's style is his and easily distinguishable. What if every band sounded the same. Then you may not want to listen to pan. So, do not go there. Analysis at the level of the university has shown that Jit Samaroo and his work is much more than meets the ear. Kill the bias bug because all the bands have their unique sound and style of arrangement.To the Renegades, congrats on a wonderful contribution to the health of Panorama 2009. Peace.
A wonderful and energetic performance by BP Renegades. I don't know what the judges was listening to, to place the band 5th and to Ms Sarah-Ann Renegades have a unique style of musical arrangement that they use and they are known for. there rhythm section is the only rhythm that can play any type of rhythmatic beats and as you know they have the best. Renegades have never played a super blue selection for panorama. most of renegades panorama tunes was from kitchner. they also played de fosto, baron, tambu so get your statics straight. I am one person on this panel that listens to pan all year round and i also go pan show. so what's your problem. you probably don't like renegades. but don't hate congratulate. Renegades will rise again. listen to the words of the song. Renegades don't have to carry the name of bp to make it to the finals. they was Amoco before and the name have nothing to do with it. Panorama finals will always have bp renegades in it take it..
Just a correction, Renegades did play a Superblue, a few years ago Jit did, Pan on the road for Renegades, i know because I played that year. Renegades will be back on top again!!!!
That's right, I remember that. If I'm not mistaken, that was actually a song composed by Jit for the band. So I guess that's one instance where Renegades performed a Superblue song.
That's right. And that one was not one of those featured in this year's arrangement.
Amrit did his father proud I must say, but we will hear a lot of him in the future ...
Here is a little trivia for you younger fellas.

I could be wrong, eh, but do you know that Renegades has employed an east Indian arranger for over 40 years now? I could recall when Renegades could not even make it to the Panorama finals. Then in the late 60s, they brought in Selwyn Mohammed, who was the brother Bobby Mohammed of Guinness Cavaliers. Selwyn used to always wear a brown felt hat. From then, the band took off, and there has been no stopping them since that time. Renegades epitomizes "real unity".

Renegades has come a long way. Whether the band comes first or last on the final night, it should always be proud of its consistency, and longevity.
I only wish I could've played with the Renegades this year!! I grew up listening to Jit's arrangements and it's what made the Renegades the only band for me when I visit Trinidad. I can only imagine how much fun it was for the older members to quote "Pan in A Minor" "Bee's Melody" "Somebody" "Iron Man" "Mystery Band" "Guitar Pan" and so many others throughout the song. I was particularly thrilled to hear "Utsav-Ki-Awaz" as the chutney break down! I'm sure Amrit will soon take the Renegades back to the top!!


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