Walking with the Gods of Pan, BSO has got “Ah Feeling”

“BSO! - BSO! - BSO!” reverberated off of the glass facade and ceiling of Terminal 4 of JFK airport as the group assembled for their last group shot. Getting louder with each utterance as complete strangers chimed in. Cell phones, cameras, came out spontaneously from onlookers all around the group and began recording. Capturing something special and historic without even understanding the uniqueness,  gravity  or specifics of what they were witnessing -  the onlookers became part of the orchestra’s story and magical journey. Nor did those onlookers care. As far as the latter was concerned, they (BSO) were decked out in USA colors, had a large US flag unfurled proudly during the picture session, and they “represented.” That was good enough for them.

“Who are they?” “What did they do?” “Are they a sports team?” were the questions heard around the arrival hall of Terminal 4. And without hesitation, proud parent Lisa Samuel—who was one of the very few on hand to greet the returning musicians, and ensured that each personally got a huge welcome as they came out of ‘customs’—would explain their accomplishments to the curious onlookers. And as per a special osmosis, they too would beam with pride and joy.

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  • Well as I said previously BSO did a fantastic job and congrats goes out to them, but what I would like to know

    who is that lovely red woman at left of the picture, makes me think about visiting Brooklyn.

  • Sorry I missed the 1st Int'l. Panorama.  But Mr. Dougy and his CrossFire members deserve this honor.  I've commented on T&T radio stations, and posted in chat rooms that Brooklyn has some of the best Pan Players and arrangers in the world.  Well, now it has been officially confirmed.  One of my favorite performances is Pan Sonatas Bandoleros, sung by Tunapuna Scanty, when Sonatas took the crown in 2009.  Mandrill in England is also truly representing our wonderful culture on the int'l. scene. 

  • A great story.


  • BSO surely got respect, ah tie with one of the best steelbands in the world is not to be taken lightly.

    Martin Douglas you took yuh people down T&T and rough-up Phase ll, this will always be a big LOL for me.

  • BSO represented.....they deserve every right to be very proud of themselves.

    Great performance!

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