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Results given - Bottles fly - Police move in - live over the internet

The results were given.  The audience were invited to throw objects at the stage. Bottles, flew creating riot situation.  The police moved in to regain control

Is this real or imagined?

This is what happened at the Chutney Monarch Competition last week.  The promoter of the show blames the 2 million dollar prize for the criminal behavior. Yea right! LMAO


Now imagine if that had happened at a panorama or pan show? Pan would be banned from Trinidad and Tobago.

This 2 million going to Chutney should have never happened.  Salah Wilson tried to show them the math of the situation but no one would listen.

The Chutney competition needs to be banded for the next ten years or until they demonstrate they can behavior as civil as pan community.

There is a lot the Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters, and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar can learn from pan.

By the way this was all streamed live, with video and for free over the internet for the whole world to see this criminal behavior just moments after the Prime Minister left the stage with her entourage.

Oh and by the way, there was no video streaming of the panorama which took place just a two days later.

I guess the pan community doesn't  get on bad enough to get on internet.

Beyond just the principle of the matter, this is concreat example of why everyone should sign the petition. "Do Something for Pan".




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Yes, it is interesting that they would broadcast the Chutney Monarch finals - riot and all for the world to see over the internet and turn around and blanc the pan man show. Panorama is an event where elders and children attend worry free.  The only negative is the corporate drunks in the North Stands for semi-finals, who I'm sure are best friends with the Prime Minsiter.  The miss education of the Gypsy continues. 


Very good observation Pan Woman, It exposes a very bad policy of the government...but of course it will be blamed on election promises,..but do we dare look deeper into it.( Forget the Pan for just a moment)..Calypso has been around for some 10 decades or more if you go "back to the plantation"....Soca at least 3 decades.....Chutney,less than 2 decades....In any job there is something called Seniority...in the case of these three Art forms from T&T clearly Calypso has Seniority over Soca  & Chutney..yet the Calypso has been relegated to the same "Pay increase" as the others......I have not heard up to this day this issue being raised by a calypsonian including the Arts  & Culture Minister also known as The Gypsy. I  have raised this same question on a radio show (WACK 90.1 fm) I did this with Ellsworth James also a Calypsonian ..it went of as a joke. But was it really a joke?

Factor in the Pan which has been around for about 7 decades plus add the fact that Calypso, Soca and Chutney is basically one individual each and The Pan is four categories and hundreds of people.....It just does not add up in a just and fair way

well let us see what will happen with the Soca, and Calypso....I am happy to say that the pan has already passed the stage of throwing bottles & stones ( though some may want to throw it at the "organization" and the "band of Gypsies" ..now that's a joke..) .....light humor



Greed! Greed! Greed! and a $2 Million decison that never! never! never! should have been made. Marianne Williamson stated "The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us" and it was not so with the givers, the takers and the attendees.


Hello Concern Who was that MC? Should Be fired!
um, excuse me, but the word is "BANNED" ....  not 'banded'
Thanks Catt

Can someone tell us what the punishment for this behavior was,(well that is, if there were any punishment)

not to mention steelband history shows much worse than throwing some bottles.
Very well said. Why does evrything in T&T have to hinge on 'race'?

I watched this contest live in Miami. Other than two or three routines, this was GARBAGE. It's not my money but, M$2 ?



SOMEBODY GET DRUNK.  Come on people.............



Not taking sides, but these types of behavior had happened in previous soca shows and competitions where the performers incite the patrons to do anything even at the expense of causing injuries, sexual harassment/assaults etc.

In my opinion, having decided to give $2M for Chutney and Soca Monarch, I see $5M for Calypso monarch and Panorama. (Two well composed and performed Calypsoes for Calypso Monarch and constant nightly practicing sessions, the number of pan players and very well arranged panorama tunes and all that goes with it) No comparison.



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