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Dara Healy

IT WOULD not be an exaggeration to say that Kitchener’s music ruled the road. Apart from winning the Road March five times in the 1970s, his calypsoes were played by the winning Panorama large bands seven times.

From Margie to Play Mas, Tribute to Spree Simon and Pan in Harmony, Lord Kitchener seemed to be blessed by an unstoppable writing genius. In 1970, Desperadoes Steel Orchestra won Panorama with Kitchener's Margie, arranged by the legendary Clive Bradley.

Indeed, the Despers/Kitchener/Bradley combination proved magical in 1976, 1977 when they were victorious and again in 1978 when they placed second with Kitchener’s Pan in the 21st Century.

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Pan in the 21st Century

"Arranger Michelle Huggins-Watts points out that it “wasn't until the late 1970s or 80s that women even started playing the steel pan."...Girl Pat was an all female steel band that recorded in 1956...girl pat site:panonthenet.com OR site:whensteeltalks.ning.com...

Well, I would cut the author a little slack on that point. I read it to mean ALL THE WOMEN you see in all these PAN YARDS today -- that revolution really began in the late 1970s or 80s.

But it makes me wonder if there are WOMEN CRACKSHOTS also, or is that just a MALE THING with the WOMEN CRACKSHOT revolution still in THE MAKING.

Claude...Why you going an open this wound again?...Eh?...

Hey, I see somebody take your PET PEEVE on the TRIVIAL SITE and treating it as if is DEM was the first one who brought the OBSERVATION/ISSUE to the FRONT BURNER.

So why can't I get a little mileage -- mehself!!!


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