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If an ELECTION is held before November 1st, FORTEAU and JOSEPH are DEAD MEAT and they have to give up their SEAT OF POWER. So they are going to use every trick in the book to delay ELECTION 2018 with its OCTOBER DEADLINE.

FORTEAU came into the last aborted AGM and acted like a WHE WHE BANKER. He alone knew the QUORUM MARK and any number THE CIP called was going to be TOO LOW. When asked to show the list of eligible bands to support HIS NUMBER -- he said come to the office tomorrow and I will show you the list.

(In the old days dey woulda walk FORTEAU down to that office there and then and make him find an ACCEPTABLE LIST -- one way or another and the vote would have taken place. But it seems like the only place you could find the GOOD OLD DAYS in these MODERN DAYS is on all these PAN CHAT SITES where people bask in the past with ZERO APPRECIATION for TODAY or NEXT WEEK.)

And the follow up meeting was due 7 days later where no SPECIFIC QUORUM was required. Is like three weeks now and NO FOLLOW UP MEETING. Good political manipulation on the part of FORTEAU and JOSEPH and I have to add MOU-DIAZ this time.

If FORTEAU and MICHAEL JOSEPH could BURN A FEW MORE WEEKS with SILENCE and INACTIVITY (laced with subtle POLITICAL ACTIVITY), then it becomes too late to change horses in the PANORAMA MIDSTREAM and FORTEAU and JOSEPH will end up running PANORAMA 2019 -- filling their POCKETS in the PROCESS. And next thing you know is April 2019 -- one year from the supposed revolutionary April 17th, 2018 never-happen ELECTION!!!

FORTEAU and JOSEPH running RINGS around Aquil Arrindell and Gregory Lindsay and Oswald Alexander IN THE PROCESS. Two years AH NOISE from dem THREE FELLAHS and dey still on the outside of THE HEADQUARTERS with noses pressed up against the window pane.

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