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Ridiculous that band #1 in Large starting to play around 11:00 pm local time

a 7pm start for finals is neither feasible nor sustainable if the current format is maintained

it took 4 hours for 10 medium bands to play

And we know large bands will take longer

So either statt a few hours earlier or put medium on a different day

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Panorama is now a party, not the type of event that happened in the past. I make this observation based on an experience I had sometime ago. My Daughter (Adult) told me that she would be going to a carnival fete. So, I was waiting for her to leave so I can close up my place, only to see 10pm pass and no one came so I took it for granted that she was not going anywhere again. I was shocked to know that the Party was starting at 11pm. So when we "younger" folks went to party at 8pm them days done.

Panorama is a Huge Steelband Party. We got to accept that. Go to sleep and get the results in the morning Claude.lol

A suggestion to Pan Trinbago and the stage management committee, why not have the bands present a floor plan for the set up of their bands for the finals....in fact include this in the rules...Due to the success of the semi-finals, the qualifying bands can use their setup as a template and tweak what they need in their setup. A great part of the problem is the setting up...there is also the tactic of delay for the washing of the last band's performance...lol. Number the pan racks and floats for effective control. Just a suggestion!!

The bands are pretty efficient with the set up, they often have to wait for the judges to finish the paperwork. The 7pm start used to be determined by the preceding event, Kiddies Carnival. Is that still so?



It eh even midnight by me, so I eh digging no time horrors!!!

But it is ridiculous in the normal TIME ZONES!!!

Panrebel if the showtime is not to your liking or convenience. Then don't attend or go to bed. 


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