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R.I.P. Michael Jackson.......thanks for the wonderful music!!

Michael Jackson dies at 50

Listen to Pan Tribute

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my condolences to the Jackson family, it is a sad day indeed when one of our musical icons has passed. I remember growing up to the Jackson five, we had records of them that we played over and over. It was gr8. RIP wacko jacko.
he was a great man and he als sang good soog
Peace Bro...R.I.P.......History will record you as the Greatest Ever.
Wasn't a lover of some of his music but as a mother who just lost a child February 25th may his music forever play on and his soulrest in peace and may the good Lord be with his family at this sorrowful time.
Mother to mother Gloria, My heart is with you and I pray that you find strength in the memories of your child.

They say time heals but I dont think so cause I lost my first son in 2001 and I have not healed. What time does is help you cope so I ask you to give time a chance to help you cope, knowing that you have folks like me and the WST family in your corner.

I do admire your compassion in taking time out even in your grief to offer condolences to MJ's family.

That's the effect Michael had on people.That's the kind of compassion he had in his life time when he helped the poor and gave kids hope and his passing has made people go into reflection mode remembering his inspiring lyrics.

Blessed Love
Ulynder C
The man dies, but his music lives on.Music is to time indefinite.Greatness is measured by what a man leaves to grow,how he has influenced others by his words,actions and deeds.By this test, Michael Jackson stands as one of the greatest in world music.
My condolences to the Jackson family. My personal thoughts are seeing the Jackson 5 on tv in 1969, and hearing Desperadoes Steel Orchestra playing, "I want you back" in 1970. In January of 1973 I was passing by the old Port of Spain market, and heard a band playing Michael Jackson's "Ben." I got a tabancca, because I was returning to NY the next morning.
i am angry with Michael for leaving us! we need people like him in the world. i wish he would have watched his health more carefully..
******Wayne: Upon seeing your comment, I immediately went to the dictionary to look up insensitive & ignorant and Lo & Behold.......there was your name and a photo of you.
******Condolences to the MJ family. I grew up with your music in the '60's & '70's and then again thru my kids in the '80's & '90's. There are so many pleasant unforgettable memories.
hi Noble did you grow up in mt hope are you loyd brother if so it is good to know that you are still around have not seen you in many years, regard to your family st clair
during the 2010 carnival season there should be a competiition(some people don't like competition) or concert at a certain venue where steelbands can pay tribute to michael jackson by playing his music. condolences to M.J. family. R.I.P.


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