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By Joan Rampersad

A hurt Philmore told Newsday, “Robbery! They (are) wicked to me after all these years. The problem is I never went to school with those judges. They learnt theory but I learnt it the practical way. None of them represents TT like me. My degree came from God. They could rob me in Panorama but I go places they have not.

“They want me to be like Boogsie (Len Sharpe) cussing people to bring fear but I am a humble man. And I listened to (Massy) All Stars. Same BS every year from All Stars. But when they go home after Panorama, I go first class flying the flag of TT. They are not flying the flag like me. I am fed up. This is pure robbery.”...

... There was a three-way tie for third place, with the judges giving bp Renegades, PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars and Republic Bank Exodus 279 points each. Exodus’ arranger Pellam Goddard told Newsday, he wanted to send Crime Stoppers to the Panorama judges.

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I agree with you Professor, we get the same arrangement from All Stars year after year. quick runs and pauses. How many times do we have to endure this. He must have the formula as to what the judges are looking for.

They need to share it or have revised adjudicating categories to give the arrangers more freedom of expression.

What a classic demonstration of "Foot in the mouth disease" He attacks everyone and forgets he is the biggest copy and paste arranger of all times. Pro has been called out on many many many occasions for using arrangements from Queen of the bands and Du Du Yemi while arranging here in NY. More recently he was accused of copying and pasting passages from Boogise's Fire down below without even a variation. I dont understand how he makes the claim of flying the flag of T&T. Pro you need to check the countries bands like Phase and All Stars have gone to spread this culture Spain, Singapore, and some of the furthest points of Africa. Shame on you Pro to discredit the accoplishments of the steelband. I am sure you were MISS QUOTED I am holding my breathe I know and followed you for years both at home and abroad and I know you always say you dont care about the judges in all your interviews but to attack Smooth, Boogise, Phase,All Stars and the rest of bands placing ahead of you is outrageous Remember All Stars went to "BEST OF THE REST 2 YEARS back to back they NEVER attack the judges or other bands over to you Pro ...... 

Danny Boy:
I know you back in NY. You responded for me. By the way, it is not a misquote.
I need your 'permission' to use your term 'Sensation' to describe THE BAND.
Ha Ha Ha ah love it.

Now, check this link below. Ha Ha Ha

I can truly understand how the Professor and the band is feeling - Is there a breakdown of the judges scores that shows the point distribution per judge ???? or is that asking for the impossible.?..or is it none of anyone's business?..Just trying to understand the judges point decisions.

I agree he should not point fingers at the bands themselves but his over all point is 100% correct. I am a very truly faithful despers follower and I said what I was hearing was awful from them and all stars doing the same piece every year i truly enjoyed the professor arrangement
In response to Professor you have been arranging for many decades and never won a large band competition under all those judges in the past and the bands and arrangers you are bad mouthing have done so many time do you still think it the judges.there can only be one Clive /Jit/Leon/Len.. they found their mojo find your mojo and you might win one. Stewart is finding his he is almost there
Sad to say, but we probably need to add some foreign judges to the panel for Panorama. Too much subjectivity in this thing.
It not a bad idea to use foreign judges you would have to get the. Ones with that Trinidad panorama knowledge because it is very hard for a person with a jazz background to judge classical music and vice versa much more pan done Trinidad style, listen to some foreign panorama and If they do they will find something else to complain about
You are a good arranger , Ken , I can see you being upset and blaming the judges. But just like cops and other people are a brotherhood , we pan people should be as well . Calling out the other arrangers is in bad taste if you were quoted correctly . For me listening to Fonclaire I knew you couldn't win with that arrangement , I would have been glad if you did as I am from South too and I have known Wire since his days with Lil Carib . In everything that is being judged we have to accept their decisions . So I think maybe you should apologize to those arrangers whom you called out . That's what I would do but its up to you . Life is too short . We all love pan . Blessings .

I read the article in the Newsday on Wednesday and was taken aback that the Professor could allow himself to behave in such a manner towards his colleagues in the steelband movement. To attack those who have been placed ahead of you would not help your cause at all.  I have been hearing the criticism about using the same arrangements every year but that could be said of all top arrangers...if it is not broken, why fix it? When I hear Renegades I hear Jit up until last year, Bradley is still heard in Despers, Andy Narrell with any band that he works with...that is ones signature. I think that Pro sounded like a cry cry baby and needs to get with the program or leave it alone. Nobody goes int competition expecting to lose but every cannot win and winning all the time should not be a reason to be criticised by those who have been beaten.

In certain sports if you call out the referees and umpires and disrespect them you get tossed . It's never good to complain about judging , it gets no nowhere and they will now make sure you never win . So al in all Ken, accept it and take your licks and try to do better next time . Let your arrangements do the talking . You have killed Fonclaire's chances of ever winning by all this complaining . Man up .

Following the recent results of the 2015 T&T panorama competition, I could understand what must be a sense of disappointment for the many bands that were not awarded the honor of first place. In reality not everyone of the dozens of steel bands could be awarded the coveted first plane in the same competition; that is the reason judges are recruited to adjudicate the panorama competitions. Judging is a thankless job performed at a time when the quality of steel band presentations continue to improve significantly; this trend holds promise for emerging bands but could also be frustrating since the top bands are also improving musically as well.  The judges did their best for which we should be grateful.

Berating the judges, other bands and their leaders is not a useful approach and in fact it tends to reflect poorly on individuals who express such comments. This is not to ignore or minimize existing challenges within the steel band fraternity; on the contrary, we improve and grow when we humbly confront and resolve the hurdles and problems encountered. So let us contain and modify our rhetoric in the interest of enhancing teamwork efforts and as we refocus to advance the strategic interests of the steel band movement at home and abroad.

All bands which participated in panorama 2015, regardless of placement, are deserving of our admiration and praise for having worked diligently to make panorama the awesome event that it has become and no doubt will continue to be, - a showcase of evolving inventive technology, creative musical minds and some of the most skilled and gifted panists in the world.

We have so much of value for which  we should celebrate and be thankful. Together, let's look to the future with shared purpose, generosity of spirit, and with renewed hope and confidence.


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