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Robert Greenidge - birdsong's Arranger for 2019

The birdsong team is elated to announce that our arranger for Carnival 2019 is Robert Greenidge. Robert has become synonymous with the success that 11 time Panorama Champions Desperados enjoyed in since the 1970s. Indeed, he was arranger and composer for two of these Panorama victories (1991- Musical Volcano and 1994 Fire Coming Down). Robert is also one of Trinidad and Tobago's most accomplished and versatile musicians. Currently a member of Jimmy Buffet’s legendary Coral Reefers but in a career that stretches back to the early 70s he has performed and recorded with numerous artist covering a wide range of musical genres ranging from Country and Folk (Jenny Chesney & Toby Keith), Classic Rock (Keith Moon, Robert Palmer, John Lennon, Ringo Star & JJ Cale ), Jazz ( Grover Washington, Wayton Marsalis & Taj Mahal), Pop (Carly Simon, Earth Wind and Fire & Lionel Richie) and many more. Consequently, it was felt that 2019 was the appropriate time to expose our young and talented band of musicians to Robert’s unique combination of musicianship and experience .

Panorama practice resumes on Monday, January 07, 2019 at 6pm, at the new birdsong Panyard at 3 St Vincent Street, Tunapuna (Corner Sapodilla and St. Vincent Street).

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Very impressive article.

Brenda H. 

One of these days Birdsong will get it right. With Robbie Greenidge they may be on the way to doing so. Always had Robbie as the best pannist in the world.

Good Luck to Birdsong.

"it was felt that 2019 was the appropriate time to expose our young and talented band of musicians to Robert’s unique combination of musicianship and experience."

Leading by example...Birdsong from an Organizational Structure

Our goal in Re-imagining the SteelBand requires a new paradigm in organization. birdsong has been incorporated as a not-for-profit company which has been granted Registered Charitable Status. Under the aegis of the Foundation we have two major divisions: the Music division comprises the Steel Orchestra and birdsong Academy and Social Enterprises - bENT (environmental service) and bAGI (agriculture). We believe that this kind of structure lays the foundation for the continuum of transformation that must be travelled, if we are to embrace the exciting opportunities before us. Evolving institutional arrangements to manage this unusual beast remain top of the agenda as we continue to overreach ourselves.

Despers Panorama performances from arranger Robert Greenidge

birdsong you are in good hands, best of luck.

Good luck to Birdsong a wise choice indeed with my Bro, Bob Greenidge.

Like allyuh eh see what DUVONE do to the PANORAMA MUSIC or what?

Dem OLD TIMERS like Robert and Two Left (Ha! Ha! Ha! to all my critics on that choice!!!) and Ray Holman -- doh have ah chance!!!

GO YOUNG or YUH DOH BELONG!!! (Marcus Ash -- ah eh borrow that from NOBODY ... ah just originate it).


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