Cover image of Robert Greenidge's new 2010 CD called "A Coral Reefer Christmas"Global -The steelpan instrument, Christmas and Robert Greenidge = “A Coral Reefer Christmas.”  What more could one ask for in terms of a special music item for the season? And if that’s not enough, Robert brings a star musical cast to the table on this one. On vocals is none other than Jimmy Buffet providing complementary vocal support.


Oh - did we mention that the musicians are members of that world-renowned Coral Reefer Band who hold a very special place in the hearts of all the “Parrot heads” of the world?
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  • Pan is the sweetest instrument and so many of these pan artists make it sing.  Keep the art going and continue the great work in the world.  I will always enjoy this music.

  • A very nice addition to my Christmas music playlist... The recording is done very well, bringing out the true sound of the pan... Thank you Robbie, Mac, and Mr. Utley!
  • I am one of Robbie G's biggest fans, but I must say that this is a very disappointing CD. Despite what WST says, this is a horrible production. I expect better, MUCH BETTER from Robert Greenidge. I have had several similar comments from other Greenidge friends/fans. MEDIOCRE is one of the words most used. Sorry Robbie...Come Again!
    • Yes, My question, too... Please explain... I found the production quality very good. The playing style and finesse of Robert Greenidge was very well recorded. The mix seemed perfect, just like the WST review stated.. Not too much, not too little.... Everyone has their own opinions, though... Peace!
    • Hello Augustus

      What did you not like about the production?
      • Listen to Robbie's EXCELLENT cd "From the Heart", although it's a few years old, you can still hear UNMATCHED quality. This CD was DEFINITELY rushed to production. The 1st track sounds like amateur recording with a Casio keyboard in my bedroom. Please compare it with any other recording that RG has with Michael Otley or Ralph McDonald. IT WILL NOT COMPARE! I'm not "dogging" Robbie, he is STILL one of the best out there, but for a panist of his stature, this performance/production is definitely NOT up to par. The song choices does not help either. Still love you Robbie, just terribly disappointed.
  • Great cd Robert. Great music.

  • Robert G, Thank you Jolly Mon, for spreading more joy this Christmas, fabulous !
  • To all you Robbie Greenidge fans and supporters in Pan World, be advised that Robbie's superb Christmas album is available for download on ITunes.

    The price is also unbeatable. It only cost me $8.99.

    Good job, Robbie.
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