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Salah's Steelpan Academy Wins Toronto's 2009 Panorama!

Toronto, Canada - Congratulations are in order for Salah's Steelpan Academy which won its third consecutive title at the annual Pan Alive Competition held last night at the Lamport Stadium. The Montreal-based steelpan music organization edged out New Dimension Steel Band by just three points. The record-setting third consecutive Pan Alive title was the second 'top honor' in 2009 for Salah's Steelpan Academy which also captured the Montreal 2009 Panorama title in July.

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Correction the be mad to the New Dimensions Arranger Information ..... New D's Arranger is Andre Ruose. Earl La Pierre is the arranger for Afro Pan.
Congratulations Salah. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Bugs....... we are looking at 2010
Congratulations for your achievement in copping the Panorama titles in the two (2) major carnivals in Canada. Keep on pushing the culture...MAN

Allan Oxley
Thanks Allan,
you need to get info on Abbey Old Boys...send me your email ( salah@steelpanplus.com )
Congrats are in order. I thought they were great but New Dimensions was better. Matter of personal taste. It was indeed a great evening. Thinga are looking up for Pan Masters, who received their highest standing in a long time. Their performance was crisp, clean and the arrangement was wonderful to hear. Tommy did an excellent job. The top"large bands" were good, but too predictable in their arrangement style. We look forward to them stepping up and taking their place at the top
Thanks for your opinion Marvin
Congrats to Salah, the band for the record set on your profile. Keep the blessings flowing.
Thanks Kenneth,
we are looking at 2010 for another record breaking year
We have actually won three consecutive double cities Panorama 2007, 2208, 2009 in Montreal & Toronto
Congrats Mr Salah. Big up on your (double) triple. This could be a first. Am not sure if this has been done anywhere before. This is a great testament to you and your organisation. Also big up to Mr Rouse who on his first attempt came in second with New D. We are looking forward to big things from Mr Rouse in the future.
Hi, Well done once again.


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