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Going through the archives of my PC I found a tape recording, that my deceased friend Peter Michels recorded at the Hilton. I did a little remastering and now I wonder if anyone is interested.

You can download a short demo (24 MB) of all the 21 tracks here:


Kind regards, WerNer
P.S.: I do think it sounds great...!

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I am definitely interested... is there a way to get this in full...


If I don't infringe any copyright I would upload all of the tracks tonight. An answer of someone out of the Samaroo Family would be helpful.

Sharing P2P with friends for enjoyment not commercial purposes does not normally infringe on WIPO copyright law...

Any progress? I listened to the excerpt and it sounds really good. This is a piece of history right here!

I am also quite interested. Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad to tell you that WST takes care of the recordings now.

Thanks for the excerpt, this is fantastic! I sincerely hope WST will post the tape in its entirety soon.


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