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Semi Final Results are in - Shocker! No Exodus in Final!

Trinidad and Tobago steelband music panorama giant knocked out of finals.

No Exodus in finals!

Large Conventional Semi Final Results:
1. Phase II Pan Groove 277
2. Silver Stars 273
3. Skiffle Bunch 272
4. All Stars 266
5. Invaders 260
6. Desperadoes 260
7. Harmonites 260
8. Fonclaire 259
9. Redemption Sound Setters 258
10. Renegades 257
11. Tropical Angel Harps  256
12. Exodus 255
13. Starlift 254
14. Our Boys 242
15. Pamberi 242
16. Deltones 238
17. Birdsong 235
The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Large Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Medium Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Steel Xplosion 270
2 Valley Harps 269.5
3 Buccooneers 267
4 Sound Specialists of Laventille 266
5 Katzenjammers 263
5 Curepe Scherzando 263
7 Dixieland 260
8 Couva Joylanders 257
9 Sforzata 254
9 West Side Symphony 254
11 La Brea Nightingales 250.5
12 Tokyo 249
13 Pan Elders 248
14 Arima Angel Harps 247.5

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Medium Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Small Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Laventille Serenaders 267
2 Merrytones 260
3 Crescendoes Musicale 255
4 Arima Golden Symphony 253
4 Golden Hands 253
6 Tamana Pioneers 250
7 Tornadoes 248
8 Panasonic Connection 241
9 Codrington Pan Family 239
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony 239
11 Flamingoes 232
12 Antillean All Stars 229
13 Longdenville Claytones 226
14 Tipica 225

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Small Conventional Final Competition, Small Conventional Bands and Single Pan Bands Finals will be staged at the South Quay Stands, Port of Spain, on Friday 12 February 2010.

Click for full results http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2010/results/2010summaryresults.htm

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Sarah-Ann...yuh not nice atall...take that last sentence back...
Sarah-Ann you too funny LOL

Merrytones congrats! Sarah-Ann making trouble LMAO
Exodus needs to put the canopy back onto their pans IF THEY KNO WHATS GOOD FOR THEM! they take off the canopy off the pans and thats the reason why they sound so horrible.
Renegades did the same thing a year, and they sounded horrible. they had to hurry quick quick quick and put it back on.
When in a large open area, the canopy's help direct the sound and channel it....... take into consideration Despers and how they built their's.. and the sound that comes out as a result.
MusicallyGifted, I agree with you the canopies must come back. Exodus is not the same without them. This is a music contest. The sound is the most important thing. The look of the band comes in second. Exodus got it priorities mixed up.
Exactly. There is a reason why Queens Hall and the Performing Arts Center is built the way they are!!! And not like normal simple rectangular structures that would've taken up less time, money and human resources to build.
This thing is about PHYSICS.
They better get their priorities right, or they will end up crashing themselves.....
What about the government building back the structure with the desired roof so tha all the bands would look nice as Exodus, oh but we will miss Desperadoes rocket canopy
True. One thing about Despers rocket canopy... it does have the bases sounding wicked! when dem bases start to rumble and tumble and grumble so.... meh porse does raise yes.... *mind starts to wonder* hahaha

As for the first part of ur comment, they could eh. It would be a wonderful development to consider..... But remember, the canopy was also made to protect the man, and more importantly the pan (our baby!) from the elements, that undermines its chrome and blend life.

Besides, i personally like the open sky and night breeze of the Queen's Park Savannah... the whole band meet band play-off in d junction, the rush goin up the babagreen, pushing the racks on stage while ur song blasting.......... i love that experience. Call me old fashioned. Lol.
And there are MANY reasons why Renegades came so low. I'll try to summarise them, but its lengthy and complicated.

I listen to fellow players on my Facebook feed talkin shit bout how they rob Renegades and how they goin down in the yard to do some serious work.. first things first.. Renegades was not robbed. They should be thankful they made it into the finals, because it was either us or Exodus. You see i'm a realist.... and i know music! I know a dam good arrangement when i hear one, and i kno the elements that it takes to make an arrangement a masterpiece. Plenty of them DON'T KNO! and worst off THEY DON'T WANT TO KNO!

The WHOLE arrangement needs to change and the captain needs to stop fooling himself and his players into thinking that the arrangement can actually win a panorama. IT CAN NOT! the arrangement is boring, has no jam whatsoever and strays too much from the melody. after verse and chorus people listening to the band stop dancing. that should never be!

Secondly, he needs to stop trying to fill Jit's shoes. Only Jit and his son can do what he does perfectly. And these intricate solo's Guppy has been putting down ONE AFTER THE OTHER in his attempt to copy Jit, makes it difficult for the players to perform. It have no sweet jam for them to let loose. if u don't plant ur feet and play.. yuh sure to play shit! and right there and then you lose points for spirit of carnival..... because the player already aint feelin d music, and what music it have not giving them room to express themselves. POOR!

Thirdly... Renegades over the years has become a very social and conservative band. I don't know how d ass a band could be playin in Panorama and be conservative. The players HARDLY perform. I'm sure many of you have noted the difference between say Silver Stars and Renegades, or All Stars and Renegades. A total drop in energy! The players that actually dance don't pull much energy from the others. majority of the others either 1. cannot dance, 2. have gotten old and tired, 3. hardly movin because they choose to be that way. and it comes out to the judges and the audience. You want people to dance to ur music, and you not even dancing to ur own music????? Come nah man!!!

Fourthly... there are politics (petty and serious) goin on in the band thats causing internal strife! I tellin you plain. Renegades right now have problems. The arranger is no longer there with us this Carnival and we have gotten another who fails to understand Renegades' style, or the players. Furthermore, he does not have what it takes to compete with the big guns like Smooth and Pouchet and dem fellas. Imagine you arranging for a song called BATTLE-ZONE, and it sounding as though all the soldiers dead! STEUPS. I mean seriously, there is no portrayal of a battle-zone anywhere in the blasted song! And i think its here i should talk about the this word called "jam". there is a jam in the song...... but unless you playin in Renegades you wont kno its a jam. And according to the players "we still waiting for the jam". the reason why it isn't a jam is because the bassline not sweet!!! Is some kina abstract sounding baseline!!!

And continuing on my third point, just an example of the petty politics, you feel its by accident those two frontline players come back this year? What was the front line up for Renegades last year....... and the year before? Petty politics!!!.. "i am section leader, i come back now and i want to play in front" and all this kina shit. Big big men who past their time, fighting down the youths!

People have to realise there are more than ONE thing that can make a band fail!!!!!
I seein where Renegades have that 10th spot secured oui.
Tell Dem, Tell Dem MusicallyGifted.

Exodus will be back. They are a great organization. If Renegades had not made the finals there would have been much trouble.
I hope Renegades come final night and mash up. I know that 22 of their best players, were on tour they returned on 01;02;10. Any band that is spreading pan music to the world we should love and appreciate what they are doing. We are only competitors not enemy. Good luck to all bands on final night and may the best band win!!!!!!!!. PAN BEFORE BAND!
Yeah man...ah like you...I never realised that Big Band players had that level of honesty and maturity...as I said before...you have to know how to lose to be a good winner...


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