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Semi Final Results are in - Shocker! No Exodus in Final!

Trinidad and Tobago steelband music panorama giant knocked out of finals.

No Exodus in finals!

Large Conventional Semi Final Results:
1. Phase II Pan Groove 277
2. Silver Stars 273
3. Skiffle Bunch 272
4. All Stars 266
5. Invaders 260
6. Desperadoes 260
7. Harmonites 260
8. Fonclaire 259
9. Redemption Sound Setters 258
10. Renegades 257
11. Tropical Angel Harps  256
12. Exodus 255
13. Starlift 254
14. Our Boys 242
15. Pamberi 242
16. Deltones 238
17. Birdsong 235
The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Large Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Medium Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Steel Xplosion 270
2 Valley Harps 269.5
3 Buccooneers 267
4 Sound Specialists of Laventille 266
5 Katzenjammers 263
5 Curepe Scherzando 263
7 Dixieland 260
8 Couva Joylanders 257
9 Sforzata 254
9 West Side Symphony 254
11 La Brea Nightingales 250.5
12 Tokyo 249
13 Pan Elders 248
14 Arima Angel Harps 247.5

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Medium Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Small Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Laventille Serenaders 267
2 Merrytones 260
3 Crescendoes Musicale 255
4 Arima Golden Symphony 253
4 Golden Hands 253
6 Tamana Pioneers 250
7 Tornadoes 248
8 Panasonic Connection 241
9 Codrington Pan Family 239
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony 239
11 Flamingoes 232
12 Antillean All Stars 229
13 Longdenville Claytones 226
14 Tipica 225

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Small Conventional Final Competition, Small Conventional Bands and Single Pan Bands Finals will be staged at the South Quay Stands, Port of Spain, on Friday 12 February 2010.

Click for full results http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2010/results/2010summaryresults.htm

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carl i so agree with u.....when we favourite band wins we dont question d judging criteria, but when we eh win, we quick to jump on d judges back. i call that high class hypocrisy!
I don't believe that competition stifles creativity and/or innovation at all, yes most ARRANGERS not BANDS seek to imitate the stylings of winning ARRANGERS, I guess that this approach is just a normal human characteristic ( wanting to align oneself with the latest trend, to be with the "IN" crowd so to speak) the same thing happens in the fashion industry, one famous person wears something and everybody wants to wear it as well. The thing of it is that many arrangers either just lack the GUTS to walk in their own shoes or just lack the skill to achieve originality and the ability to provide FRESH material year after year. Boogsie took "licks" for years before his "style" was accepted but he stayed the course with his music until he made Phase II a powerhouse of a band ( this process took about 20 years). Boogsie, Jit, Robert, Clive, Ray, Smooth, Pelham, Pouchet etc. all have their own style and they do not deviate, they also represent the Bands that make the Finals every year with their eyes closed (give or take), they also represent the "IN" styles of arranging that gets copied by others. And even they sometimes run out of gas, look at Renegades and Desperadoes, haven't been in "winners row" for sometime now, Exodus not making the finals this year, Ray has not won with any band since what the 70's? but they make a valid contribution to panorama music nonetheless. So my point is that its not that competition does nothing to improve the "quality" of steelband music, its that the arrangers need to either further educate themselves "musically" or be brave and explore indepth, this vast form of high communication we call "Music"... Money itself is not the root of all evil, the love of it is......likewise..... Competition is not to blame for musical inaptitude, the blinded thirst to win is.......ARRANGERS!!! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE BOOGSIE....ONE BRADLEY...ONE SMOOTH.....ONE JIT and so on.....COME TO COMPETE WITH YOUR NAME AND BUS YOUR OWN MARK!!!
Eye4Pan very well said. This is so true.
Yes Eye4pan
Finally someone with whom I can agree ."THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE BOOGSIE....ONE BRADLEY...ONE SMOOTH.....ONE JIT and so on.....COME TO COMPETE WITH YOUR NAME AND BUS YOUR OWN MARK!!!" I endorse totally.
In the large bands there were three culprits: Guppy for Renegades aping Jit. Listen to the cellos and the transitions. Herbert for Invaders aping style & phrasing of Boogsie for the entire piece. Poppewell for Solo whose entrance was clearly the well known infectious 'bounce' of All Stars. That great band Solo needs its own identity Yohan.
The best revelation for the whole panorama for me this year is twofold;
(a) The music in the medium category - simply excellent. That competition is extremely tight.
(b) Andre White! An excitingly already identifiable new voice on the local scene. Welcome!! I can automatically suggest a permanent residence for him in the large band category where his styling would only compliment the "band's" identity....
I have to disagree about what you say about Popwell. I feel that people say that based SOLELY on the fact that he came from All Stars. If you listen to his style you would hear that if anything, his sound is closer to Clarence Morris (in his transitions), with a little bit of Jit (EXTENSIVE melodic and countermelodic use of the middle pans and bass) and Boogsie (in construction of the central jam, of which there isn't one this year for Solo)... Same with Arddin, in fact if Arddin sounds like anyone... it would be the Smoothman. I don't hear that bounce in Solo; a major factor in that All Stars 'bounce' is in the particular strum in their middles, which Popwell does not use.
this is what i talkin bout...
Did you listen to Sfortzata? You should hear the improvents in the arrangements; accentuation does make a difference. Can you imagine that piece of music being played by the exponent of the arts, those stacatta type passages eminating from Charlotte Street.........?
what you really trying to do? get into an argument?
go and tell the arranger that! i already KNOW those things make a difference... and had we the right people to bring it out, we would be just as good as or better than sfortzata bredda man.
From your reply, I don't think you understood quite what I meant. But what do you mean "had we the right people to bring it out, we would be just as good as or better than sforzata...."

Renegades players are far more adept than those in sforzata. Renegades like Barcelona has a long and capable bench. It is the "bench" that filled in for the absent stage side that put down the tune extremely well that allowed us to squeeze in. NOT the arrangement!!. . From minute 3 to 7 the music is more fitting for a ballet and is in no way reflective of a "battle zone".
(Remember in '08 we had a similar situation with even more problems but we had the astute Amrit Samaroo at that time - his first try in the large category)

That they got in endorses my considered opinion that for some time now the judges no longer pay attention to WHAT is played as to HOW it is played.

Now listen to Sforzata's performance of Andre White's arrangement of his own composition "Wild and Free" and think Renegades - the exponents of the art - putting down that arrangement and you would understand what I meant.
Yes...yes, Eye4Pan...I like your statement "Money itself is not the root of all evil, the love of it is", you would make a fine, fine preacher! lol


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