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Large Bands

1.Trinidad All Stars - 270.5
2. Phase II Pan Groove - 268
3. Renegades - 267
4. Exodus - 265
5. Fonclaire - 264
6. Silver Stars - 263
6. Tropical Angel Harps 263
8. Invaders - 262
9. Skiffle - 260
10. Desperadoes - 259
11. birdsong - 254
12. Harmonites - 253
12. Redemption Sound Setters - 253
14. Starlift - 243
15. La Brea Nightingales - 237


Medium Bands

1. Pan Elders - 278

2. Buccooneers - 274

3. Sound Specialist - 270

4. Steel Xplosion - 270

5. Couva Joylanders - 269

6. Katzenjammers - 267

7. Melodians - 266

8. Curepe Scherzando - 264

9 Arima Angel Harps - 260

10. Valley Harps - 259

10. Western Stars Philharmonics - 259

12. Dixieland - 258

13. Sforzata - 250

14. Tokyo - 243

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I hope when the listening Public Judge the Bands,  that they have heard and are Familiar with  the Tune, If you don't know the Tune you cannot give your ratings. Just like I heard Pan Elders by Duvone, its nice and clean but I cannot rate them because I DO NOT KNOW THE TUNE, How will I know if the tune is being played correct? Years ago you would be able to do this because you hearing the tune on the Radio everyday.  

Bede, that is why bands play old tunes.

Its harder to understand and appreciate the arrangement if you don't know the tune, and a familiar tune has an advantage,

I keep saying that Pan Trinbago should buy radio time daily before carnival and bombard the public with only pan tunes every day from about Boxing day.

They should know by now that the radio stations will only play popular party music at carnival time, unless they're paid , and it shouldn't be that expensive for Pan Trinbago to buy as least a half hour daily.

Pan Elders is playing Bally's Party Time, a very popular vintage calypso. Maybe listeners should familiarize themselves with the vast, rich catalog of calypso music, both old and new. And since it's impossible to know all tunes, one should be able to appreciate the unfamiliar, or, at least, make an attempt to do so. What's familiar to one person may be foreign to another.

Unfair treatment to the Tobago band Carib Dixieland who had to continue playing in the rain. They were in fifth place in the preliminaries and cannot get into the top ten in the semi finals all because of the rain they were allowed to play in. Most bands would make more points in semi final round than in the preliminary round of the competition but the band from Tobago made less points in that semi final round than the preliminary.

I do hope those in authority can rectify this unfortunate situation.

ardent fan.   

Sorry that happened and yes, it is unfair. 

I quite agree with Bedge , most of the judges. I think don't have a clue of what they are hearing will these tunes over the past years, the band's, that played real. Music, are pushed under the bus. we need a change is the same thing. over and over.

The better music in the large bands category came in the latter part of the competition. NLCB Fonclaire who is celebrating 50 years in the business and made a song for the occasion was by far the best band in the semis.If you listen to the song and their interpretation which was clear and precise you will agree with me. Professor said to the media that he is not finished with the song and the next two week the band will stand out above the rest. I am sure all of the semi finalists will be making improvements in their arrangements. All I am asking is for the judges to be fair and may the best band win.

The judging is very consistent from year to year; I predict that all stars
will win this competition , no matter what the other bands play ,we shall see

The results have been out, the public just hasn't heard it yet. My old buddy and fello member of the band SENSIE{former captain} are of the opinion that a move is on to destroy our old fraternity "Despers". I have mentioned that if Clive Bradley were to be resurrected, he would get the same treatment. I see someone said their pick was Despers, Birdsong. NO,NO,NO. You are looking for music. This is NOT a music competition. When will people understand that this is a different era. However, i sincerely hope that my old school doesn't fall to this onslaught.

Still no videos of large bands in the semi finals. SMFH with this shit, release the damn videos let the people see nah. Allyuh promise live feed and we eh see shit, we jumping from station to station. Stop sending emails about live feed and have we wondering what going on. Watch how the same thing will happen in the finals.


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