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Sforzata & Arima Golden Symphony take Top Honors in 2009 National Panorama for Medium and Small Steel Orchestras

Arrangers Yohan Popwell and Terrance “BJ” Marcelle prove their musical mettle
in the final phase

Trinidad and Tobago - Unlike the old days when panorama competitions ran much later into the wee hours of the morning, results for the finals of the medium and small steel orchestra categories were signed off on and delivered by 1:00 AM. Yohan Popwell, arranging Bandoleros for Sforzata Steel Orchestra in the medium category, renewed his winning ways with the band, leading them in 2009 to their third championship title in five years with 473 points.

Not to be outdone in skill, passion or exuberance, the small steel orchestras also shone for the evening, with arranger Terrence “BJ” Marcelle ably steering Arima Golden Symphony to 439 points and the winning spot, with his arrangement and the orchestra’s execution of A Blue Crescendo - a decision that was well-received by the crowd.
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Congrats to both bands! A special congrats to Yohan Popwell, Trevor Reid and Derrick Nurse for a job well done again. Another special congrats to Seion and Buccaneous for that "Dangerous" performance
Congratulations to Sforzata & Arima Golden Symphony. Great work!

A well earned win for both bands.But no television coverage for them, I listened on Radio Trinbago 94.7 as I could not go out last night.It is a pity that they did not get the attention that the big bands are going to get on Saturday, and some of them do not even deserve to be there.True panlovers do not care what time they leave the savanah as long as the music continues in the quality that was generated last night, the judges had a job on their hands. Well earned wins
Congratulations all around! To the "musicians" in particular, I take my hat off to you ALL!
Your energy, dedication to the art form - practice, practice, practice -, your wanting to succeed, your ability to work in teams, your skills in playing the instrument, your finding the time to..., your discipline etc., etc., etc.

I am also totally blown away by the fact that so many players play by ear!

Congrats once again!
It's not really playing by ear in the traditional sense. Technically is really more memorizing. I am able to read music, but I prefer to learn panorama music without it.
Big Up to Yohan! Congrats. Wish the crew were there to capture your performance.

Congrats to Mr. Seion and the Buccaneous for a job well done for 2009 panorama final, God Bless to you.


Congrats to Sforzata and Arima Golden Symphony on winning at Panorama 2009. what a pity the caribbean islands could not have seen this performance live on T.V., its sad to see that we still do not appreciate our own Caribbean Culture, but the struggle will continue Pan will one day be showcase to the World live, Congrast once again and looking forward to Saturday Night!!
Congrats to BJ and Arima Golden Symphony for sweeping the way through the Small Band Category........1st in prelims, semis and final. They go learn bout u BJ
Congratulations to BJ, maybe Arima All Stars will beg him to return now!
Congrats to La Horquetta Pan Groove its a pity Pan Trinbago didn,t see it fit 2 show this event on TV .It was hardly advertised. These youths could be rewarded with a tour, even 2 one of the smaller islands carnival, they desrve it. Most of those youths have been in that band from about 7 years up to this present time.
Congratulations to all the winners! It is unfair that the performances were not televised. All that great music...


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