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Should Despers give their fans in the Global Village and Live steam from the yard.

Dress to the nine as if in Finals and Gei We all the sweetness they held back for Final Night and live stream from the yard like Phase 2 did from their yard and from the Savanah. Ah know Andre have more zest than he showed on semi-finals. Elders ah waiting.

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this could be an idea......like masman Mac farlane having a show carnival monday night in jean pierre,,,,,you know what Andre tried to please everybody with keeping the vintage Despers sound....which was great....the elders have to change their minds and get with the future....I would really like to hear Andre's sound with the BIG BAND just doing it his way...this exit can be used as a positive for the management to really grip this band with serious discipline......Gpans are new and we should have them in the band but coming back to the point of live stream...we as DESPERADOES need to hear the just leggo the music style of Andre....i am sure that there were surprises for the final ...well leh we get it.hope the band sticks with him.....remember people history is on our side remember the last time in 1975 I think when we were knocked out we came back strong and won in 1976....WE ARE STRONG...WE ARE DESPERADOES

Hassan, well said. Never knew there was an issue with G Pans and Despers. Boogsie wasn't shy as he has them and his band sounds balanced same as Skiffle Bunch. It must present a challenge to the arranger, not Boogsie, he is ahead a few years with the G Pans. WE ARE STRONG...WE ARE DESPERADOS.


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