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Silence of the pan peopleSilence of the pan people

Friday, November 2 2012

THE EDITOR: On Sunday October 28, 2012 should have been the election of officers of Pan Trinbago for the 2012-2015 term for the National Executive of Pan Trinbago. 

Instead, because of a high court order the elections had to be postponed, due to some issues revolving around the constitution of Pan Trinbago.

It seems to me, that the warriors/defenders of the movement have all gone silent since the days of the late George Goddard, Arnim Smith, Oscar Pile, to name a few, men who would stand up for what they believed in, and were not afraid to challenge Pan Trinbago’s leadership. 

In the 1980s and 1990s some new voices came on the scene, and attempted to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned “warriors” and made their voices heard whenever there were slip ups, from the National Executive. 

Men like, Darryl and George Duncan, Kendall Lewis, Michael “Scobie” Joseph, Milton “Wire” Austin, Marie “the blue Hair lady” Dupres, Godfrey Joseph, David Balbosa, Sam from (Tunapuna All Stars) Unfortunately, these new warriors too, have become silent.

One has to wonder, what is the reason for the silence, as there are many issues affecting the movement that needs to be addressed, hence our stagnation. It is time that somebody revives that old warrior spirit and stand up for truth, honesty, and justice for all the members of the organisation. Only then, will good governance return to Pan Trinbago.

Joseph John


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I agree.

Cecil: It is time for you and the NEW VISIONARIES to step up the attack on Diaz ... like allyuh start something allyuh cannot finish or what. I am so disappointed; Diaz treat allyuh like chump change.

Mr Joseph John are you a member of WST? I saw this article in the newsday and shared it to the world. Pan Trinbago is going through a paradigm shift in transparency and accountability in the new executive.

The name may be fictitious, but are the issues of "transparency" and "accountability" fictitious also?

 Pan Trinbago is going through a paradigm shift in transparency and accountability in the new executive.

Is that transformation for the better???

Are there transparency and accountability issues in the new executive? Enquiring minds want to know? How do you find out?

Then we'd know if that transformation is for the BETTER.

We can't assume that NEW is always BETTER.

Andre, transformation is part of the process, trinidad and tobago at the moment is growing up, baby steps, WST forum take pan issues 10 years ahead of Pan Trinbago and being a Trini on the ground, no trini takes advice especialy from an internet forum with wise people who are also pioneers of the steelpan by being around. That is where Pan Trinbago went wrong, thumping their nose by not joining the WST forum.

December 3rd 2012 is the court date the process is moving forward, I am positive the NEW VISIONARIES are putting things in place for when the bell toll.

There are many joseph john out their in T&T, by reading the article this person seems to have no idea about WST forum? internet services for the older folks in T&T may be out of reach so they write to the editor?

MOST SILENT of all are the NEW VISIONARIES and their supporters.

The President Mr. Keith Diaz launched a vicious attack on When Steel Talks. He referred to the many people who place their opinions on this form of media. He said they meaning When Steel talks do not like him  because they came and asked for a donation from Pan Trinbago but were rejected. he obviously does not understand that the  Preamble in our constitution refers as follows; We ,the members of Pan Trinbago   (inc)., as God fearing, Peace loving and law abiding people hereby pledge allegiance to the Republic of T&T and declare our loyalty to the Principles of the constitution of the Republic.

What Loyalty to what Principles?

They began the meeting by rearranging the formation of the seating accomodation for the regional Officers by placing them under the Hierarchy so that they would be unable to ask Questions. Only under severe protests by the Chairmen of the Northern and Tobago  Regions, and other members getting involved did the Chairman be allowed to ask questions but they had to sit in the seats designated for them. Although the High Court matter is about interpretation of whom is considered a delegate. Yet Mr. Keith Simpson (resigned trustee) was not allowed as a Delegate for his band St. James Tripolian

Standing Orders:

 Where has anyone ever heard that A member CANNOT address the chair Twice on the same subject. That definitely does not align itself with the principles of the constitution of our Republic.


1. It is the policy of Pan Trinbago to protect,safeguard and preserve all personal, confidential and official information concerning its employees, officers, customers and business operations. So, There is nothing you can ask about, and if you are allowed, then you are unable to converse for clarification. Draconian laws.  Of course WST to me is the forum to express ideas and sort of get answers,

The meeting was long and drawn out, a snack was given to those present around 4pm. on resumption of the meeting the a representative of the Auditing Firm was called upon to read  notes about the accounting principles and the Auditors responsibilities.

At 5.40p.m., Mr melville Bryan came up to the stage and advised that the Hall was rented until 6p.m.. The President's report while considered read was not adopted since there was no time to question that report. Around 6.10,p.m.the President took one last question from Paul Clarke who wanted to move a motion. That was very impossible at that time since there were about fifty people which did not comprise of a quorum. The meeting ended soon after.


Gone are the days when the Steelband movement must be run by a bunch of THUGS. This is why the Pan is going nowhere fast. Where is the decency and respectability to take our NATIONAL INSTRUMENT forward. The Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago should withhold ALL FUNDS from Pan Trinbago until things are done in a democratic manner according to the constitution of our beloved country. Come on Pan people it is time to SPEAK OUT and save the PAN from these UNGODLY, GREEDY people.

I am silent and mad and needs treatment, so am going to Pan parang and pork this weekend for therapy, all because i played farse and attended Sunday's meeting with my friend who was a delegate for his band.

As soon as the meeting began president Diaz ordered all Regional Executive Officers to take their seats up front with their backs facing the head table and then bachanal start. Some officers refused as this was the first time ever that regional officers were told where they must sit. I told my friend that seemed to be an attempt to muzzle the officers especially those who were opponents to Diaz slate. I overheard a member saying  when Mr Diaz was Chairman of north region he sat where he wanted and always love to talk in microphone so why this big stick approach and if it is because three chairmen of the regions are against his poor governance he is carrying on so. Thank God for the captain of Renegades who pleaded with the officers to take their seat but told Mr Diaz the officers must be allowed to speak if they sit where he assigned them.

This could have been avoided if the president possesed good Leadership skills and held discussions with his regional heads. I agree with the Leader of the New Visionaries when she told him that he should have held a meeting with all Regional officers to discuss the conference so that they would have been on board with all changes he wanted to implement. I observed that that their is a communication crisis between President and Chairmen of Regions.

Then i asked  my freind why is'nt he objecting to the discussion of reports. He told me that pan people don't object to anything so he have nothing to say. well i got sick one time.  Imagine that Delegates were given a 90 page report plus a 32 page financial statement on the same morning of the meeting to read and they accepted that. Advantage Advantage.  What kind of contribution can people?  No one could have perused those documents and make worthwhile contributions in such a short time. In fact those reoprts should have been given to the bands a week before so their executive or members could have their say and the delegates articulate their band's position. Shame on Pantrinbago when will they get it right.

The meeting was not professionally conducted. Comments were too long from the head table. they were more like speeches some as long as fortyfive minutes. Attacks made on When Steel talks by the President and he accused them of begging Pantrinbago for money and that when steel talks is people from America ect ect ect. Attacks on Ramsey Moore and she is not given an opportunity to respond because she can only talk once on a matter, that was not fair  so their was cross talk between her and president and a shouting match began. All i heard her saying was "no weapon formed against her will not prosper". I Think she real brave yes to even attempt to bridle the Runaway horse called Pantrinbago.

The meeting started about 11.10 am and ended about 6.20 pm and not a plate of food and some members tolerated that, of course most left. When we arrived earlier in the morning they had finger foods and most of it was eaten during registration at 9.00am. No lunch, thats insulting . No money, then why the hell rent a Hotel Ball Room and starve people. Wake up pan People.

In the midst of discussion on the financial report the president announced that time for use of the ball room is up, the report is not finished , the President report is not discussed or adopted, a gentleman hustles a motion to extend the life of the executive untill election, some members argue their is no quorum for a vote , Mr Forteau said the meeting started with a quorum so no big thing if their is no quorum then and the meeting ends. Was a vote taken ? No

Crik Crack Monkey Break HE Back And The Story Ends.

You see why i am silent, because i am mad. Advantage on the GRASSROOTS.


my dear Panella, you have indicated by your comments that you were on the pulse of the meeting and your intelligence and observations of the Character of a  meeting of this nature was most inept.

In the constitution of PT Duties of the SECRETARY,  It states quite clearly that the Secretary has 28 days to present reports to the membership, not a booklet to be presented to the membership  on the morning of the meeting. But that is done that way so members cannot get enough time to peruse the documents properly and ask relevant questions. 

Mr. Forteau on behalf of the committee makes and interprets his own rules. Sometimes the wording of the Constitution is relevant and at others the meaning changes. For example the spirit and intention of the constitution refers to having a quorum of 60% of the membership present to hold a meeting  to make decisions or vote if there is a need for a vote to be taken. Mr. Forteau in his LEGAL wisdom disregards these clauses and interprets them to his benefit.

 Remember on the build up to the last Triennual Convention, again Mr. Forteau tried to prevent Patrick Arnold from been a candidate for the position of President. Think Back members! only by the representation of Senior Counsel, did they withdraw that stance and allowed Mr. Arnold to take part in the election process. Three years later SAME STORY. They the entire committee should be FIRED from their positions as custodians of our Organisation.  

The campaign of the New Vissionaires is based on FIT and PROPER guidelines as recommended by the Government of T&T,  Good Governance in Office, Accountability and Transparency .


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