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Does anyone have a complete listing of what tunes the Single Pan bands are performing?  I read that there were around 70 single pan bands competing in prelims.

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Click on Panorama 2015-T&T and go to Panorama Quick Chart.

I only see conventional bands listed, not single pan bands.

UR correct, maybe WST can help you out here.

I believe information has to be submitted to WST for them to make available on the site. I would think this would be relevant information to know in a music competition. I hope we see information for school bands in Junior Panorama as well but information has to be submitted.

Mark you could shoot Pan Trinbago an email.

Last year a few members in T&T pointed out that we don't show any interest for the "other" pan competitions, this is the reason why, lack of information.

It not only lack of information it is also lack of coverage… there are over 50 radio stations in Trinidad and all they seem to want to play is American; Reggae or Party Soca. When you do get coverage as we got for the northern leg of the competition from i95, it ended at 12 midnight with 5 or 6 more bands to play. This is the national instrument and a once a year event and not one company or the government would demand full coverage. CNMG was awarded the contract to cover Carnival but I guess that only applies to the large bands semi and finals and carnival itself. 

Could any one advise what songs Despers and Invaders are playing?

I don't know much about Invaders but Desperados captain said after the shooting at the former pan tent, they will be doing 3 tunes and only selecting the tune of choice two days before the prelims. 


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