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On last night's broadcast of the Panorama prelims Len "Boogsie" Sharpe said there were to many single pan bands. "That was where we came from and not where we are going" says Boogsie.. They were causing the pan player shortage the conventional bands were experiencing. What do you think?


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Bugs, the small bands are in it for the $$$$$ and don't forget this is where the executive of Pan Trinbago get their votes.

What a twist! So all the other categories of bands are in it for "fun" and/or the love of it? 

When you shut down the "small" bands, wouldn't the pockets of the conventionals be lined with more $$$$$? The 50/75 extras that Boogsie has could alleviate the player shortages. ent?

Pan Trinbago has nothing to do with it. If Mr. X from small band Y goes to All Stars or  Phase11 and practice and don't 'make the side', small man can't make a $$$$$, after all they gotta pay FLOW, DIGI, B-Mob and Michael Jordan.

Managers, Captains and Arrangers allow skaters so that they meet the minimum for competition. Who is to be blamed here?

BTW I agree there are too many 'single pan' bands. Prelims should be held in October (no appearance fees), where mediocre/makeup bands are eliminated.

patrick ramdoo, what we are see here is called "panman hustle" guys come out to play in each category and we can't be mad at them because everybody making money off panorama, we could say the panman got smart.  I would say PanTrinbago encourage these small bands because they can control them, don't forget come election EACH band have the same 2 votes this is where the executive strength lies.

Agreed. It's the only time the panman makes a $$$. Fuh real!

I agree with Boogsie. The way things were organized created a serious shortage of players and they took advantage of this. One solution might be to have the single pan bands compete at a different time far enough away from Carnival to allow the players opportunity to rake in the cash Pan Trinbago seems eager to distribute, while freeing them up in time to populate the conventional bands for solid practice and good performance. This year "skaters" were flitting about to as many bands as they could for appearance fees without properly leaning the tunes. Another thought I heard tossed around might be to limit the number of bands a player can register into. That could raise other issues.

Lawford, I heard on the broadcast that there were so many skaters in Trinidad this year, it looked like the Winter Olympics had come to Trinidad and Tobago. But seriously, this is a problem that has to be address. The quality of the product is in jeopardy.


I have attended the prelims in POS and Arima this year and was saying to someone that there are too many bands that are in it just for the appearance fees. I was not even taking into consideration the shortage of players but more so the quality of what was being presented as a product that is supposed to attract patrons and corporate entities alike. I suggested that some sort of screening be done in the pan yard to determine who should be allowed to come to the respective judging locations. This year it seems to have reached an all time low. I have followed the pan for most of my life (more than 50 years) and would have expected to see an improvmnet in all aspects of the industry. It must be noted that some effort is being made by Pantrinbago to start on-time and offer an apology if that does not happen. There needs to be a better management of the flow of the bands at all venues...WELL DONE Arima. I was even suggesting that we return to the days when there was one category for conventional bands and that may be part of the solution with the shortage of players. 

Steelband players nowadays dont belong to any particular band or area,

they are just hired labour who sell their skills on the open market. It is 

similar to footballers on the world stage, they come from Africa, Brazil, Spain

and sell their skills to the highest bidders in the world eg Ronaldo, Messi, Yorke etc.

They make a lot of money for themselves, shareholders & club while the fans with

their loyalty pay out fortunes for very little in return. Is this the way pan is heading?

Anthony Corbin, We could say the panman woke up.

No its not Anthony Corbin. Footballers sell themselves to a team. Have you ever seen Wayne Rooney  playing for Aston Villa, Manchester United or say Liverpool in the SAME COMPETITION?

Yes, they do. Look at the Premier League in the UK, once the 'transfer window' is

open they can switch & go to the highest bidder. 

I just mention to you last week Cecil, there is NO NEED FOR SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE STEELBAND categories. Just have one panorama like was done years ago. So we have ONE champion. No judging in panyards, everybody come to the savannah, just how the CDC had it planned many years ago. Players are jumping from band to band and trinis want to call this competition? Boogsie understands competition, he speaks up always, and let you know where he stands. The majority of all the other pan arrangers, players etc. just don't have a clue, talk, talk and more talk with no solutions. If the categories remains, there will never be a panorama champion for that year. Also young arrangers will never improve since they will be denied to compete with the best. 'Eating ah food' has nothing to do with competition.


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