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On last night's broadcast of the Panorama prelims Len "Boogsie" Sharpe said there were to many single pan bands. "That was where we came from and not where we are going" says Boogsie.. They were causing the pan player shortage the conventional bands were experiencing. What do you think?


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Boogsie got this one right. Have been saying this for years. However , Pan Trinbago turns a blind eye and keep spending their $$$$$ supporting these 70 plus bands.

Does Boogsie arrange for a single pan band? Is it for the love of pan or $$$$$$$$$. Why don't we just support pan period. A single pan player may say that all other categories should be scrapped. Every opinion has a measure of validity, selfish, though it may seem.

Look money is NOT d problem , is ah part of d solushun . From evah since , d mo popular bans always attract mo players , tuh d detriment of d smaller & not so popular bans in d area . dis convenshunal  an un-convenshunal bans shit almost cause d xtinshun of Pan rong d neck / single-pan bans . Tanks tuh Tripolians espeschally , fuh d resurgence . now some get so big an popular , like Skiffle Bunch , dey graduate tuh big ban status . It have places fuh ALL d bans , big an small , all should b incouraged . d Main reason fuh dis playah shortage problem is shit called d " short season " . wen bans have have 2-3 weeks tuh get everyting , ie , players , pans , tunes an all odder logistics fully reddy fuh d Rama Xperience . No group / ban , like tuh make jes 1 appearance , hell no . everybody want dey ban tuh go d full distance tuh d winners row . My solushun is tuh CUT d carnival from d catholic church calendah , an set ah fixed date of d 2nd or 3rd Monday an Tuesday in March fuh d Mas , an fix d Rama dates accordinly . . . dat way EVERYBODY no wen d akshun start in dey rspective Panyards / Mascamps an Kaiso Tents [ remembah dat Pan People ALSO want tuh go tuh d Kaiso Tents , an odder shows too ] . an could plan bettah . . Playas should not b discouraged from  playin in mor dan 1 ban . . . it improves dey skill emensly . . . an now , at las ,thankfully , dey earnin$ . . . som Arrangers , like Boogsie , arrange fuh as many bans as dey could , widout hurtin det main ban , ent . . . so set d dates in March , fuh carnival , an dat gives everybody nuff time tuh properly prepare , so no Ban go suffer , an mor go Prosper . . So Leh we  do it areddy . . .

I like u, we does speak d same language....

He is absolutely correct!! Conventional bands are virtually empty until after the single pan prelims as many of the players are hired to make up the 45 maximum in the single pan bands. I personally know of some who played in three and four single pan bands. Someone comes to the conventional yards offers money to the players and they go.

Until the smaller categories are judged, the conventional bands cannot get a full compliment of players, so the arrangement suffers because the arranger does not have the time to indoctrinate all the players from the beginning.

Players are learning the tunes at the last minute and the entire competition suffers, especially in a short season like this one.

The only solution seems to either limit the number of small bands or at least judge them a lot earlier in the season and eliminate most of them early, which will free up some players to take their chances with the conventional bands.

Next year could be worse as the season is shorter than 2015. 2016 carnival is 8th and 9th February.


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