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Single Pan Semi Finalist - Trinidad and Tobago 2009 Panorama

Thirty two (32) Single Pan Bands have qualified for the National Semi Finals which will be staged regionally.

With a score of 273 points, Defence Force playing the Alston Becket Cyrus composition “Teaser” arranged by Terrence BJ Marcelle topped the category standings.

At the conclusion of the preliminaries staged over three nights, fourteen (14) bands from the Northern Region, eleven (11) bands from the Eastern Region, four (4) bands from South/Central Region and three (3) bands from Tobago, will vie for positions in the National Finals.

The fourteen (14) qualifying bands in the Northern Region are:
1. Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Teaser 273
2 SWMCOL Pan Family Wine on Something 267
3. Scrunter’s Pan Groove Shake It 266
4. La Creole Pan Groove Jab Jab 263
5. Woodbrook Modernaires Ready 261
6. St. James Tripolians Doh Back Back 259
7. Gonzales Sheikers Happy 258
8. Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz Flag Party 257
9. All Aces Rant & Rave 256
10. Worldwide Steel Orchestra Ethel 255
11. La Famille United Stranger 254
11. Harlem Syncopators Wild & Wonderful 254
13 Belmont Hi Larks Just Right 252
14. Scorpion Pan Reflection Woman Is Boss 250

Eleven (11) bands from the East moving forward to the semi-final round are:
1. LH Pan Groove The Unknown Band 269
2. Curepe Polyphonics Fire in the Area 264.5
3. Trinidad Nostalgic Doh Try Dat 259
4. San Juan East Side Symphony Bahia Gyal 256
5. Trinidad East Side Symphony This Party Is It 255
6. San Juan All Stars We Aint Going Home 251.5
7. Arima All Stars Bacchanal Time 248.5
8. Pan on the Move Wild & Wonderful 243
9. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Ragga Poom Poom 242.5
10. Star Sapphire The Stand Hard 242
11. Magic Notes Rebirth Carnival in the Air 240

Bands from the North and East will perform for the judges at the North/East National Semi Finals on Monday 06 February 2009 at Victoria Square, Park Street, Port of Spain from 6:00 pm

The four (4) bands making it to the South National Semi Finals carded for Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Friday 06 February, at 6:00 pm are:-
1. Shades In Steel Jumbie 258
2. Self Help Marines More Wuk 249
3. New Age Trendsetters Rope 247
4. Rio Claro Koskeros Tell Me Why 246

The three (3) semi finalists in Tobago are:-
1. Tobago Pan-thers We Aint Going Home 254
2. Dem Boys Band From Space 251
3. Pan Fanatics Free Up 234

Tobago Semi Finals will be staged at the Carnival Village, Dwight Yorke Stadium Car Park Tobago, on Saturday 7th February. Starting time is 8:00 pm.

click here for full Trinidad and Tobago 2009 Panorama coverage and ...

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Its good to see Steelbands playing "old tunes".The tunes of the 2000 era are not as melodic as the "70s' and 80s' era.
Then again the Grand Master,Lord Kitchener is gone.However,make no mistake about it,the composers of todays'
Steelband tunes are trying very hard and are doing a good job,but they still have to compose that tune that "pan like to
"Bands from the North and East will perform for the judges at the North/East National Semi Finals on Monday 06 February 2009 at Victoria Square, Park Street, Port of Spain from 6:00 pm" Please note that the date should be "Monday 09 February"
>Pan Trinbago Inc.
Panorama Finals 2009-Single Pan Bands
Friday 20th February,2009
South Quay, Port of Spain
Official Results

1st- L H Pan Groove- 473 -(East)
2nd T & T Defence Force- 470-( North)
3rd- Trinidad East Side Symphony-452- (East)
4th- Trinidad Nostalgic-444-(East)
5th -La Creole Pan Groove-(443)
6th-Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz-437-( North)
7th- Pan on the Move-434.5-East)
8th-San Juan East Side Symphony-432- (East)
9th San Juan All Stars-429- (East)
10th Gonzales Sheikers- 428 (North)
11th Scrunter's Pan Groove-427-North)
12th Shades in Shades-419-(South/Central)
13th St James Tropolians-418-(North)
13th SWMCOL Pan Family-418-( North)
15th Curepe Polyphonics-417-( East)
16th Belmont Hi-Larks-405-(North)

Eastern Region Rules so far-:
1. Small Conventional band Category- Arima Golden Symphony-( East)
2. Medium Conventional category- CLICO Sforzata- (East)
3. Single Pan Category- L H Pan Groove-(East)
The bands all performed wonderful. They are all winners. It was a good show.
Thanks Ann



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