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I don't think they even listened to the calypso!


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It was a late morning close to noon.

Cecil: Stealing from your line ... if dem FIVE BANDS play GOOD MORNING on PANORAMA NIGHT they might just finish in the LAST FIVE POSITIONS.

Permission please to go down and change my GOOD MORNING PRELIM prediction. Is bugs who mislead me and tell me that SKIFFLE was coming so hard!

I think Skiffle has too many arrangers.

Like the tune too difficult for dem arrangers. I heard two other "Good Morning" arrangements. The Morning can't reach yet. Forget about the Good part.

Merrytones mislead me. He said nice things about Good Morning and then he went with Full Extreme. He trick all dem fellas just so. I'm starting to believe Merrytones has some gangsta in him.


Oh gorm bugs...is wasn't my fault bro...I had already written my arrangement for Good Morning...then it was "Ultimately Rejected" when Full Extreme came out...please believe me when I say it wasn't entirely my decision to abandon Good Morning...

So Merrytones what did you know and when did you know it? And how come you are the only arranger in Trinidad with a spare arrangement for "Good Morning"?


The manager and players decided for me...I always write more than one arrangement every year...just in case...maybe Icewater will use it next year...who knows?...

The players executed the arrangement perfectly! Now the arrangement......
... Did these guys actually bypass Ray Holman for who they have now?
This could have been a Final night appearance because I'm not sure that they'll be seen again this year!

My view the song is simple but each of the 3 arrangers trying to add their part cause the song is clashing in many parts, last years song was way better.

I agree with the comments I've read here. The song was lost in the arrangement.

This was a very NOISY Good Morning! I don"t like so much noise in meh head in de morning! They need to start that tune over, from scratch!


The noise is coming from the recording. They probably sound great live.



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