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Fifteen (15) Small Conventional Bands will proceed to the National Semi Finals on Friday 06th and Sunday 8th February 2009.

South/Central earned five places with San City Steel Symphony amassing the most points (252) for their rendition of Winston Scarborough’s “A Blue Crescendo”. These bands are part of the line up in the South National Semi Finals carded for Friday 06th February at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Four (4) bands from the North along with six (6) bands from the East qualified for their semi final round on Sunday 08th February at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The list of semi finalists in the Small Band category are:-

1. San City Steel Symphony (S) A Blue Crecsendo - 252
2. Pan Elders (S) A Blue Crescendo - 246
3. Tornadoes (S) A Blue Crescendo - 244
4 Fascinators Pan Symphony (E) Signal To Lara - 243
5. Old Tech (S) First In De Line - 242
6. Laventille Serenaders (N) Wild & Wonderful - 236
7. Panasonic Connection (S) A Blue Crescendo - 235
8. Arima Golden Symphony (E) A Blue Crescendo - 234
8 Tunapuna All Stars (E) The Melosian Rhapsody - 234
8. Flamingoes (E) The Toco Band - 234
11 Five Rivers Modern Symphony (E) Rhythm of A People - 230
12 Simple Song (E) Superman - 229
12 Panatics (N) People Are People - 229
14 Casablanca (N) Dangerous - 227
14 Merrytones (N) D Trini Way - 227

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It seems as though Merrytones barely made it to the Semis? Anyone know if there's any reason?
There may be a different arranger.....
Yea, this is very surprising. Merrytonestodbone is a member. Maybe he will give us some feedback.

We're just as surprised and kinda confused...moreso that we did not get any concrete remarks to guide us forward for our next showing on Sunday coming...we of course thought we were quite excellent...but not to worry...when you look at the point you will observe that there are three ties from 8th to our 14th place with just about 7 point seperating... we are work horses under this kinda situation and we intend to bounce back...everyone on Sunday coming (at least) will be on a level playing field so we'll see how it goes from there on...yes we do have a new arranger in Mark Mosca from Canada...he arranged for Tobago Katzenjammers (I think) last year and he's also the arranger for Canada's Silhouettes steel orchestra
dat was good but how on earth a defending champion that palced 2nd in the semis not be in the finals! somthing smells stink these judges or whoever gave the directive to eliminate panelders steel orchestra should be ashamed to call themselves judges. i immediately remember shadow's song 'judges in hell"


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