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In the immediate aftermath of the ASAMI MURDER, sentiment flowed freely on this forum and utmost confidence was expressed in the ability of the TT POLICE to solve this case expediently. Anyone who expressed doubt (given the 6% murder detection rate) was chastised as being NEGATIVE.

What is the status of the case two months down the road? Do the POSITIVE posters still believe that the killer will be brought to swift justice? Or is this now a COLD CASE?

It is time for the WST POSTERS to start putting these murders in proper context ... Asami, Hinkson, St. John!!!

Over 140 murders in 107 days of 2016!!!

Well on the way to the 2008 record: 550!!!


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This was; is and will remain a terrible loss. Only yesterday I enquired into the progression of this case. As an outlook on safety for all trinidadians; there has to be some change. Tighter security; cctv operators/controllers and the immediate installation of secret cameras along every road. I know this will obviously be costly but if the state enforcement teams cannot protect then this is where finances should be directed... 140 in 107 days... that is abismal.. may they R.i.p xx

Claude, do you really expect this case to be solved. Really Really????, the autopsy came back from overseas that she was not raped that's the end of it.

It is very sad that Asami has lost her life  through homicide along with the other 139 T&T citizens who would still be with us, in a country where there are ample resources for protecting the public. It is a foregone conclusion that security and surveillance will be costly, but it is essential if T&T is to protect its reputation as it formerly enjoyed and boasted, as being known as the hospitable easy going, safe and joyful place to visit.  If the government officials  whose responsibility includes providing sound and consistent protection, demonstrate the will, good governance and accountability for all

protecting all citizens, then positive change on this situation will come.

There has always been a nonchalance about Tourism advertising. In recent years it seemed to have improved tremendously. Now the crime of homicide has arched into T&T international and touism arenas, and will affect negatively T&T's tourist revenues( with Asami's death). If the government( officials ) whose responsibility includes providing sound and consistent protection, demonstrate the will good ,governance and accountability for the safet of all residents and visitors,

If this fact has been observed by  government officials  whose responsibility includes providing sound and consistent protection,  they will be more conscientious about demonstrating of governance and accountability  in providing reliable public safety for all residents and the visitors to the country.

Further the electorate still have the  privilege of protest, and ability to call for inquests , investigations etc, that many times lead to new laws , or amendments of exisitng ones, which directly affect the public safety. 

There are a plethora  of daily and weekly  radio and TV talk shows where the public can be encouraged to respond to surveys, or petitions etc the results of which can be forwarded to the pertinent government officials.When the concern is registerd in a serious  and organized fashion, supported by credible survey results from other similar forms of protest action I know that credible gains can be made.  Individuals can also write to the various  daily newspapers to keep the topic as'top of mind' thereby sending a strong message that 'John Q Public' means business in changing the status quo on lax public safety.  It is naturally human, to respond to the current buzz and then go back to business as usual in a month or so. Keeping the pressure up is  usually the domain of  change agents like activists , militants and even the chronic protestors. 

This is a public-related issue where everyone needs to join the change agents in making that voice become a deafening one to the  government bureaucrats abou† the enormity of its importance..

It's been used before. No need to reinvent the wheel just take a page out of the books of European, UK, Australian, South African and American Civil rights activists.

I would be greatly surprised if this murder along with the hundreds of others is ever solved.  The police is not equipped to solve major crimes.  They can solve marijuana issues.  That is easy and convenient.  Major crimes that requires skills and intelligence, that is another story.  But we like it so.

In order to change there must be a serious readdressing of the senior staff of the police service.  People with analytical skills and trained in modern policing techniques must be brought on board.  But that would mean importing senior police.  And we have experience in that area.  It will not be appreciated by the rank and file because it would mean changing their methods.

With the crime solving rate of under 155 there is a slim chance of this murder or any other being solved.

By the way that 15 % were solved by persons talking not by any intelligence gathering so unless someone talks there is not a snowball in hell's chance of finding out who did it.

As someone mentioned the upper brass is still around and as you know they are from the Byzantine days when policing only required you to put on a brown uniform and hit the road on carnival day.

Even providing the force with intelligence gathering tools will not do anything since the old fogies will not have a clue what to do with them.

When police cars do not have computers on board, when you still have to go to a particular police station to report a crime, when the police are used to tow cars instead of prevent crime, when police officers lounge in police stations equipped with dorms and gyms instead of being on patrol, we will never get a handle on crime.

But if one of them is killed 'in the line of duty' they can expect a cool million courtesy of the tax paying public

The police seem to lack the skills to track down villains. They might just about be able to catch a fowl thief.

Asami’s final moments with her killer


An article posted (10 April 2016) on the TTWHISTLEBLOWER blog addressing what is alleged to be the current known status of the Asami Nagakiya murder investigation.

Oh, PS. Thanks to John 'Panjumbie' Schmidt for indicating this link.

Wow Jeremy:  I am surprised to see some H-O-N-E-S-T reporting coming out of TRINIDAD. Thanks for the posting!


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