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Everybody know that I am a KEITH DIAZ PROFILER but this time the BIG MAN loss meh real bad. Ah doh know if he RESIGNING or NOT RESIGNING. Ah see him BLOWING with the GYPSY WIND. He just get baptized in ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY and he promised DOLLY to honour and obey ALL NCC RULINGS (re Pan Trinbago) and to let her look over his shoulder in his PAN TRINBAGO DEALINGS just as long as they sign him to a THREE YEAR CONTRACT and give him the rights to PRODUCE PANORAMA 2019 to 2021.

I am only left to wonder if the contract got a secret clause where KEITH DIAZ runs again in September and wins THE PAN TRINBAGO PRESIDENCY with the right to GOVERN from 2019 to 2021!!!

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