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So let me see if I get this right that on PANORAMA FINALS NIGHT 2018 some players played with MORE than ONE BAND on the same SAVANNAH STAGE in the LARGE BAND CATEGORY

There were 10 BANDS in THE FINALS. Am I to understand that some players played for RENEGADES and then they went and CHANGE CLOTHES and played for maybe SKIFFLE or PHASE II or INVADERS or ALL STARS or SUPERNOVAS or EXODUS or STARLIFT or SILVER STARS or DESPERADOES?

Or that by the time EXODUS and DESPERADOES and INVADERS were getting ready to perform that some of the players had already played for ONE or TWO or THREE or FOUR of the previous bands IN THIS SAME COMPETITION?

I try to understand the nature of the UNIVERSE but like this harder to understand than that!!! I am more likely to believe in RUSSIAN COLLUSION than this PANORAMA COLLUSION.

So if a player happened to play for RENEGADES and SKIFFLE -- as soon as he hear them announce SKIFFLE in second place, he run by RENEGADES and start JUMPING UP CELEBRATING the VICTORY over HIMSELF?

Nah, merrytonestothebone!!! Yuh go have to give SOME PROOF on this one!!! Ah does swallow plenty CONSPIRACY THEORIES and ah does even make up my own (especially about CRIME in TRINIDAD) but I cannot BUY THIS STORY from you!!!

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I object strenuously to what you are implying. This is nothing more than small band propaganda.  So all of ah sudden - coca roach have business in fowl business. 

Can we stick to the gangsta narrative please? Steupes... 


Ah bugs...you keep your head buried in the sand my brother....the sand is sure to suffocate yuh one day....I personally know a young man that played with Sound Specialists, Bucooneers and Invaders...On one final night...This was in addition to arranging for a School band and a Single Pan band where he was finalist in both competitions......He is also a graduate of the UTT Bachelors programme...

Small band propaganda you say?....The truth is sometimes hard to swallow meh brother...especially when yuh head buried in the sand...

Look Tones,

You are my longtime buddy, but folks say D'Photo is an honorable gangsta and an upstanding executive. He would never allow a player in his band to play in two bands in the same category. Nah man. That would be breaking the law. If that was so, we would only have to call 911 or 999 and D'Photo would get the Starbucks treatment, Trini style. What CIP couldn't do, we would accomplish. Unless you are implying - that not only the D'photo would make jail. And 999 is a joke...


Breaking the law or not Bugs, there is nothing bandleaders can do about the band hopping situation. Simply because everybody wants to win at any cost. No bandleader will turn away a top flight player who they know could add pedigree to their unit. By finals night every band would have players who played with other bands earlier in the competition...Ah eh askin' yuh...Ah tellin' yuh!!!...And yuh right with yuh reference to small band propaganda because is with the same Small and Single Pan Bands dey does play to make dey money alongside the big bands...

Allyuh sure to break CECIL HINKSON heart with this kinda "true true propaganda" because that man does LIVE FOR PANORAMA and to take him behind the scenes and show him this "MAKING PANORAMA" documentary and how the corrupt hustle system has turned the event into a PAPPYSHOW sure to break that man heart. And what about all the hundreds of WST members who does show up around PANORAMA TIME to witness the GREATEST STEELBAND COMPETITION IN THE WORLD.

Well, is ah good thing that I have long come to accept the fact that THERE IS NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS so from now on when the PANORAMA comes along I will just have to look at it LIKE A SHOW (PAN TRINBAGO BUSINESS) and NOT as a COMPETITION.

Ah know one thing for sure: After THE WARRIORS beat HOUSTON -- we will not see JAMES HARDEN playing for THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!!! That LEBRON!!! Michael Jordan could not even tie that fellah SHOE LACES!!!

Yea man;

I really feel bad for Cecil and dat Drake fella.

Don't worry Cecil. Lebron is about to put a serious beat down on Glennroy's college team the Boston Celtics.


I have nothing against a player playing for 5 bands, if they could get to do it power to them, and the next time Lebron come to Canada we putting out a hit on him me, and Drake.

Cecil: What strikes me about this merrytonestothebone report is that: Yuh mean some ah dem fellahs so good that they could memorize about FOUR and FIVE PANORAMA SONGS and perform them at the HIGHEST LEVEL under the pressure of PANORAMA NIGHT.

The government should set up a SPECIAL FUND for dem CRACK SHOTS and start sending them all over the world to showcase THE PAN. Ah really mean that!!!

And when merrytonestothebone get he BIG ARRANGER WUK -- what yuh think he going and do? Hire some ah dem same GYPSIES to come play for him.

According to meh pardner GREGORY LINDSAY: TALK DONE!!!

So Cecil, are you saying that since two of your boys - DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry are free this weekend, it's okay with you if they help Lebron and the Cavaliers take out the Boston Celtics? 


bugs: You have a FAULTY PREMISE there. You cannot send two REGULAR SEASON PLAYERS to perform in THE PLAYOFFS ...  they are not going to be able to perform at PLAYOFF LEVEL.

James Harden have meh shaking in meh boots; but KD is all business!!! And I don't think that THE WARRIORS are going to lose any HOME GAMES for the REST OF THE SEASON!!!

Ah think that merrytonestothebone is a CIP MEMBER. The man come on THE FORUM and present a case without a good lawyer or ah video tape or a picture from the newspaper or ah eye witness or even a GOOD TRUMP-LIKE LIE to bolster HIS CASE. He needs a little more than CREDIBILITY to make that case stick.

At least bring some bitter ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and let them tell we: IS TRUE WHAT HE SAYING, YUH KNOW!!!

APOLOGY: Ah just realize that ah man name KELVIN GILL did come and testify on merrytonestothebone's behalf.

If Merrytones say it is so - it is so.  Merrytones is a man of good character. And Noah call him a "voice of reason".

But Cecil surprise me. Like the gangstas get to him. I don't understand how it's okay with him for a man or woman to play in two bands in the same competition. 


Bugs...why does Cecil surprise you?...Clearly he is an "expat" gangster too. Once you are in support of people playing with multiple bands in Panorama you in support the fraudulent means by which they earn their money. Even if bands were able to pay their "hired" hands without resorting to uttering fraud, playing with more than one band should be frowned upon. Large Medium and Small (to me) represents three distinct levels of competency. If you by choice or whatever else sign up for the creme de la creme Large category you should not be allowed to play anywhere else. The same goes for Medium as it relates to the Small category.

What needs to be introduced is a relegation system for both the Large and Medium categories. Then we would see real competition. But sadly Panorama would remain a "pimper's paradise", just as I would continue to talk my rubbish on this here "ole talk" platform...


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