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So let me see if I get this right that on PANORAMA FINALS NIGHT 2018 some players played with MORE than ONE BAND on the same SAVANNAH STAGE in the LARGE BAND CATEGORY

There were 10 BANDS in THE FINALS. Am I to understand that some players played for RENEGADES and then they went and CHANGE CLOTHES and played for maybe SKIFFLE or PHASE II or INVADERS or ALL STARS or SUPERNOVAS or EXODUS or STARLIFT or SILVER STARS or DESPERADOES?

Or that by the time EXODUS and DESPERADOES and INVADERS were getting ready to perform that some of the players had already played for ONE or TWO or THREE or FOUR of the previous bands IN THIS SAME COMPETITION?

I try to understand the nature of the UNIVERSE but like this harder to understand than that!!! I am more likely to believe in RUSSIAN COLLUSION than this PANORAMA COLLUSION.

So if a player happened to play for RENEGADES and SKIFFLE -- as soon as he hear them announce SKIFFLE in second place, he run by RENEGADES and start JUMPING UP CELEBRATING the VICTORY over HIMSELF?

Nah, merrytonestothebone!!! Yuh go have to give SOME PROOF on this one!!! Ah does swallow plenty CONSPIRACY THEORIES and ah does even make up my own (especially about CRIME in TRINIDAD) but I cannot BUY THIS STORY from you!!!

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merrytonestothebone: Yuh spoiling the party, man!!! Call some names, nah!!!

Ah cyar go in NO SENIORS SOCIALIZING PROGRAM in Aquil PANYARD to keep my brains from addling, yuh know. So the more stuff I get to read and agitate with on this forum is the longer my brain go last.

Call some names, nah. Or least let yuh two WITNESSES come and call some names. This PANORAMA TING starting to resemble ah MUELLER WITCH HUNT. Lots of ACCUSATIONS and NO IDENTIFIABLE CRIMES.

Look!!! Yuh even make BEDE leave the JEWBOOK and come on the AFRO FORUM to share his opinion. So glad to see him.

Why everybody picking on CECIL. Like is he is the man who play for the TWO BANDS OR WHAT?


Wha ‘appening, padnah?

I see yuh still keeping dem fellas on dey toes. Dey eh know nutton duz pass yuh – not even a full bus.

It’s not my intent to intrude upon this velitation — I haven’t anything to add.

True to form, you are unerringly consistent as you have always been, in your views underscoring the intrinsic importance of band loyalty.

I suggest you don’t stop now — “If you throw enough mud at a wall, some go stick.”  Right?


Anyway, did you ever get the chance to offer a congratulatory hug to your boy, as you indicated that you would, now that you are able to?  I am just repeating your subtle humorous words that just cracked me up! :-)


Were it not for you sharing part of your history I would not have been aware of his connection with MT years ago. Anyway, I came across the following link some time back, and I have been meaning to share it with you. You may find it interesting.  I did.

If you’ve seen/read it before, just ignore and forgive my unintended distraction/diversion.

Who Feels it, Knows it.




Good day to the good Dr...Long long time no hear from sah...Yeah man I was privy to Duvonne's story when it first came out...An excellent passion-filled read too...Excellent journalism by Ms Baboolal as per usual...Unfortunately I haven't met him close enough to extend my congrats....

The thing that surprises with this forum is that I have been saying the same thing over and over for years without as much as a steups from anybody untill now. The thing is though I know I'm not lying, so all who want to lie to themselves and believe that Panorama is all that they think it is let them go right ahead. Untill we pan people understand that we are masters of our own destiny and that it is incumbent on us to protect everything about the instrument, we will be continue to be in serious trouble. Nothing in this world will last forever, not even Panorama...

We forget that the "dollar" being earned here is intended as a stipend. As in, government assistance for the player to get to practice, buy a little meal, etc. Things that a band may not be able to provide as they are already responsible for a myriad other expenses putting them in the red.

Looking at panorama and that piddly little check as a "gig" is about as wise as a musician who only charges clients a transportation fee but takes as many gigs as possible hoping to make a little profit from it. Except they double book themselves and start to piss off their clients. THAT is what the game is like today, and it's garbage.

This is sad Noah

Gregory and Aquil ... What is CIP's official position on this?

Bugs the government stipend is paid to one person upon presentation of a T&T I.D. card. When someone plays for six bands the government will never prepare six cheques to that person...We all know that...Hence the name fraud...It's been going on for years...

So how does an issue like this GAIN SCRUTINY by the NATIONAL CARNIVAL COMMISSION or the MINISTER OF CULTURE? You could be a real PAN ACTIVIST (MTB) if you could move this issue up the FOOD CHAIN and get some CHANGE IMPLEMENTED.

Claude forget about me...I secretly believe (I may yet be wrong too) that both the NCC and the government knows full well what is going on, hence the proposed stipend reduction...Of course the economic downturn is a good excuse too...

A die hard support of his band will always support his band to win panorama regardless if his band place last by just scraping into the Semis and Finals. Cecil Hinkson has shown his bias to his favorite band and arranger over the years and yet he jumps ship and support another band when his favorite band is way behind in points and other bands are way out front in points to win Panorama. So is he saying if he could support more that one band to win Panorama that players should be able to play for more that one large band ?

Yuh is meh BEST PARDNER on THE FORUM. But why yuh attacking CECIL? Me and CECIL go way back on THIS FORUM and that man always DEFEND ME even when IGNORANT PEOPLE attack me.

So UNLOAD yuh GUN and stop trying it SHOOT DOWN CECIL.

People say that I love OLE TALK -- but merrytonestothebone come and HAND ME ah CROSS to carry and I am  NOT EVEN A CHRISTIAN!!!

Claude : This goes back to what MTTB was saying , this is a competition so why compete against your own selves. If a key player from the Warriors gets injured early in the first western conference finals, Rockets fans will be happy and if a key player from the Rockets gets injured early in the first game of the western conference finals warriors fans will be happy and both teams will think they have a better chance of advancing to the finals, as MTTB often said this is a competition. 

earl richards,  if you know your favorite band is a no contest. what's wrong with choosing another, blind loyalty is stupid.  Everybody likes ah winner.


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