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So what happen to all the BOOGSIE LOVERS? Like they JUMP SHIP!!!

With FANS like DEM FELLAHS -- BOOGSIE cannot afford to have NO ENEMIES.

And meh best PARDNER on THIS FORUM ... the man who motivate me to contribute ... the BIGGEST BOOGSIE FAN in THE WORLD ... that man JUMP OFF THE BOOGSIE BOAT and PRAISING DUVONE to HIGH HEAVENS.

But ah had a NICE EXPERIENCE today!!! A see ah VIDEO where a PIANIST (not to be confused with a PANNIST) was playing "IRON LOVE" and it is exactly how I would expect to hear CALYPSO arranged FOR PAN.

Anyway, all that is on my mind right now is to hear how SKIFFLE try to recover tomorrow.

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I know about  Pan Players BAND HOPPING to EAT AH FOOD, But is there such a thing as ARRANGER HOPPING by  DIE HARD FANS?

Claude!!! As memory serves me right, I think less than a handful of BANDS after finishing way down the field after PRELIMS have made it to the FINALS and  went on to WIN, Almost WIN or put on a SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE that had FANS IN AWE!!! And i think you know one or two of the bands that did so. Do you think the THREE AMIGOS and SKIFFLE have the CAPABILITY to Mash up the Place, After all nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, PARTY START!!!

In life one has to realistic. for me it is stupid to support people regardless. Now realistically speaking which band is the most impressive thus far?

The pan world is big enough for Duvone and Boogie and Pelham and all the other fine arrangers.  The judges will decide on the big night after the sifting process today.

But there is something more than just winning in this annual pilgrimage- it is about the music and its development .  Is something new happening in the music? I think so.  Is it evolving? I think so.  That is precisely what is needed for pan to survive and thrive despite the deprivation at the hands of Pan Trinbago.

My band does not have to win for me to continue to support it if I believe in what it is doing musically.  I can nevertheless appreciate other bands and even go to listen to them.  If I just back my band and dismiss all the rest as"also rans" I am depriving myself of the beauty and fullness of the experience.

Well said Denise...

Grandmaster Kitch "Is De Pan In Me"


I'm sticking with the Phase but for the pass couple years Boogsie tune of choice have been terrible in my opinion. Party Start have no melody and I think that Kes "Savannah Grass" would have been a much better choice. I also know that Boogsie is different and like to challenge himself and play something that no other band is willing to play. I personally think that he needs to go back to his original compositions. Just my opinion!!!

michel joseph, you hit the nail on the head, he needs to go back to his own compositions. Anyone that turn their back on their gift looses it.

This is the first tune ever by Boogsie arranged for the panorama competition  I do not like. Absolutely no melody in this tune, and just not a nice tune for pan, not even jouvert. Phase 11 I suggest 'Only You' for Jouvert morning. Panorama tunes selected by  Invaders, All Stars and Renegades are great examples of party music for pan and competition. I forgot Despers and Supernovas, also in the race.

Hope they judge arrangements and not arrangers.

Mercer Ramdoo: All I want to know from you is if BOOGSIE is STILL AH MUSICAL GENIUS or NOT!!!


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