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So what is the size of the GLOBAL MARKET for the 2017 PANORAMA DVD?

EXPATS are the biggest market for this product, I would surmise. Is 25,000 copies a reasonable expectation?

We really need an honest and uncorrupt PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION with GOOD ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS and a GLOBAL MARKETING strategy to start reaching and expanding this customer base. And the leadership has to be honest enough to declare the true number of units sold. 

Personally, from the skills that I have seen displayed at PANORAMA, I think that a DVD with 12 of these bands (not 120 players, though) playing songs that have GLOBAL POPULARITY -- could win audiences across the SEVEN SEAS.

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"GOOD ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS and a GLOBAL MARKETING strategy to start reaching and expanding this customer base". Who is going to provide their training?, their priorities are elsewhere.

The last time I visited Pan Trinbago website http://www.pantrinbago.co.tt/Contact I clicked the "contact" function and nothing came up for names or phone numbers to guide me as a "goto" option to make a purchase for the Panorama 2017 DVD. Until they understand the meaning of "costumer service relationship" or "Help Desk" functions, it will be unrealistic to think 25,000 copies is a reasonable expectation. This is the World Governing Body for The Steel Pan.

It is really hard to believe that the STEELBAND MOVEMENT could be THAT BACKWARD in this day and age!!! But as long as THE GOVERNMENT continues to pump MILLIONS every year into the organization -- nothing is going to change!!!

20,000 copies? No chance.

  • There is very short window for which a product is like a Panorama DVD is in the consciousness of a potential listener.
  • The window in which someone will take action to secure a copy is even smaller.
  • That window is made even smaller by people simply not being aware of the product.  
  • Not once during the Panorama broadcast was people made aware of the upcoming DVD.
  • The level of frustration in securing the product is very high.
  • The product is wrapped in a format that is not readily available to outside buyers. No Blueray, Amazon or Netflix download.
  • 720 vs 1080? Why?  4k is already out on the market and widely available to consumers.
  • Past quality control issues are of a concern. 
  • The product producer has a very high unfavorable rating. In others words people don't like Pan Trinbago.
  • Absolutely zero marketing strategy

Well, at the Grand Stand on the night of the Finals they announced a few times that the DVD and a flash drive with the performances on it would be available from Ash Wednesday at PanTrinbago.  I have not managed to secure one yet but this does not even cater for the overseas market who are not in Trinidad.  A bit short-sighted and antiquated in an age where I can buy a song or an album online in a matter of seconds...

Has anybody seen this DVD?  Any reviews?  How is the quality?    Whose video did they use- WACK's , CTV's  another?

I consider my self a collector of panorama from all over the world where I can get a copy I do, Its hard to get dvds if am not in trinidad and when i come NY some one sold me a dvd witch they took videos from youtube lol. but look at a place like NY I cant even get a dvd to watch 

We seem surprised by the inability to access this product. Now, would you go into a 'mom and pop' store to purchase caviar?
Claude, the skills that were displayed were from pan men/women, not from any marketing unit in any administration, whether it be PanTrinbago or Ministry of Culture. Can't get blood from stone.
I've been introduced in some fora as a 'panman' but that I am not. I grew up next door to Tripoli in St James, the sweet sounds of steel never left, the tonal quality of pans have improved, and so did my appreciation of the instrument.

In this technological age, it saddens me to see the 'struggles of pan' today. Can we run anything, other than a 'joint'? Why does it always seem as though we lack the competency to make this art-form a success longer than two/three months a year?

Someone once begged "do something for pan" and that created a storm of controversy. Well, I'll wait for a season without confusion, controversy, chaos, corrosive conversations and of course, corruption, the competitions of carnival, yessss!

Well, I will continue to believe that there is EXPAT (Plus Family and Friends) demand for the annual PANORAMA DVD and a GREATEST HITS PANORAMA CD. All technical considerations aside; and all PAN TRINBAGO incompetence aside.

If I ever get the rights to copy and distribute 10 PANORAMA hits plus Silver Stars (Dr. Zhivago) and Starlift (Penny Lane) and I could not market and sell 5000 copies of that CD right off the bat -- ah might as well go back to Trinidad and let UNRULY ISIS kill me.

So ah still hoping that Dr. Dolly and Gregory Lindsay evict KEITH DIAZ from PAN TRINBAGO office and replace him with some REASONABLE MINDS so that I could approach them about this project. Although I know that KEITH DIAZ sold out the rights to that music years ago.

Any time Dr. Dolly start the FORENSIC AUDIT allyuh let me know so that I could start lobbying the NEW PRESIDENT to get this project off the ground!!!

What pan needs is a KERRY PACKER. Who among the EXPATS is willing to invest???


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