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So where is the GLOBAL STEELPAN PERFORMANCE INITIATIVE from IMBERT and DOLLY with all the GLOBAL DIPLOMATIC connections we have?

TRINIDAD and TOBAGO has DIPLOMATIC CONNECTIONS (Inside and Outside) with LORD KNOWS how many countries around the world. And you mean they cannot use that SPRINGBOARD to get our artistes DISPLAYING the PAN AROUND THE GLOBE.

People like MIA GORMANDY and the DYNAMIC DUO of AQUIL ARRINDELL and NEVILLE JOHN should be flying in and out of Trinidad 15 to 20 times a year SHOWCASING PAN MUSIC here, there and everywhere.

In the 2018 BUDGET The Minister of Finance made a big monetary allocation to EXPORT local artistes (I am just talking about PAN here) globally to market the STEELPAN PRODUCT. Who better to represent it than the three people mentioned above.

And speaking of DIPLOMATIC SKILLS, the first edition of The Steel Times Annual NSSBE Conference is being held on March 10, 2018 in Oxford, OH, with Victor Provost as the headlining guest artist. You  would think that the MINISTER OF CULTURE would have picked up the phone and made a phone call to OHIO to reserve a SPACE on that stage for a LOCAL PAN ARTISTE, at this historical event.

Look at all these DIPLOMATIC CONNECTIONS we have access to AROUND THE GLOBE. A blind woman could see how to stitch PAN into this GLOBAL CULTURAL QUILT.

LORD, look at all these established GLOBAL DIPLOMATIC CONNECTIONS:

Embassies & High Commissions in Trinidad and Tobago

Consulates in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Embassies & High Commissions

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Boney M. & THE ORIGINAL TRINIDAD STEEL BAND with Don Mellow (1979)

Hi Guys

Do not feel to downhearted for the steel pan. Here in London UK we are doing our best to promote the art form. Sadly it is through the UK Government. So far we have performed at the London Fashion Week in February; We are looking forward to the Commonwealth Summit in April and in June we will be part of the Great British Festival organised by the British Embassy in Belarus.

You can keep in touch by visiting our website on www.melodiansuk.co.uk. or better still become a subscriber IT IS FREE!!. and you will get all the latest news about Melodians Steel Orchestra UK.

Terry Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK


Terry: maybe we should get the UK GOVERNMENT to RUN PAN down in THE MECCA!!! The whole thing at a STANDSTILL in T&T once PANORAMA DONE!!!

It is great to hear the comments by you all and your concerns. However, I have a question. Has any one recognize that Trinidad and Tobago currently has a band with the best resume of any steel orchestra in the history of our country of Trinidad and Tobago. Not to mention the greatest opportunity to present to this world this art form we know as "the steel band" on two of the biggest stages. The Macy's Labor Day Parade in NYC, and the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California. I am not talking about BP Renegades, thought they were great. I am speaking Pan Elders. A five time consecutive Champion lead by the best ambassador we have in pan today, Maestro Duvone Stewart, who as we all know also led BP renegades to victory this year.

It is time we stop scratching the ground, guys and gals, looking for worms and start thinking of soaring much higher. We have the product. We have the young men and women with such magnificent talent proving what can be done if we only give the future generation of this our country, Trinidad and Tobago, an opportunity. 

Having said that, would ya'll be scratching the ground tomorrow, or get of your rumps and throw a brick or two through the window of the powers that be and wake them of their sorry back sides and "do something for pan" The old adage says, "Beat the iron while it's hot". It's in the crucible now guys and we all can see it. Lets put Mr. Peter Mintchel and his team to work folks.  The day is today, not tomorrow. Get moving!   

Hollis Clifton Conversation with Hollister Smith of Pan Elders - May 04, 2017

Pan Elders Champion Medium Steel Band


Pan Elders Pan Champs Medium Band


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