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So why did the judges reject Boogsie Sharpe and Phase II Twice

The mighty Phase II is a card-carrying member of the Big 5. Rarely do members of the esteemed group get a "hell no" from the judges. This year the Phase II got it in both the semi finals and finals. Why? Could it be that Boogsie's music simply went over the head of the judges? Or this was not a year for unknown original Pan tunes? Or the judges were right, it wasn't happening this year?

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Evidently you know little about music and less about pan music.

Boogsie has been rated by musicians as one of the most gifted musicians in the world and they were not talking about pan musicians.

He is literally a genius and it has been said that only a handful (i.e. five or less) people in the world can do what he does.

Do you know anyone else who can compose, play, remember, every single note of every single section of every single piece of music he has composed for over 40 years?

Or who can hear every line played by every section in his head at all times as if he had a music sheet with several staffs sitting in front of him?

Or anyone else who can compose, arrange and play every single part of the composition on every single pan in the band without ever haven written or read a single note? Who knows the note composition of every chord without knowing even the name of the chord?

Or in one week or, as happened, one day, change an entire arrangement or even song and teach 100 players that new music in that short a time, not to mention the players being able to master it?

It's not an ordinary musician who can do what Boogsie does. Never sell him short.

And as for him being 'given' the championship, nothing could be further than the truth. Boogsie has always been the whipping boy, bearing the brunt of the fallout from any controversy within the pan fraternity and in fact has been the victim of politics in pan more than anyone else.

If Phase II won after a false start it just shows how much better they were than everyone else and had it not been for the false start would have done even better. When an athlete gets a bad start and still wins the race, it shows that he is much better than the competition, having to come from behind.

You need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

Allyuh have this TOP 5 MUSICAL GENIUS in the world and allyuh have the man sitting down in Trinidad taking PANORAMA LICKS from lesser mortals. I say is time to give this man a DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT and send him AROUND THE WORLD to demonstrate his PAN and MUSIC skills for ALL TO SEE!!!

Hello Brenda H,


Boogsie has been validated by the world-renowned Max Roach, whom I dare say “knows a thing or two” about “geniuses” – Roach said in a wst  interview that Boogsie reminds him of a Charlie Bird Parker, while he, Max was working with Boogsie.  If Max were still alive, the only two people in the present history of Trinidad/Tobago that could sit in the same room, and play on the same stage with the legends like Max Roach, Ella Fitzgerald and others of that ilk, would be guitarist Fitzroy Coleman -- and Len Boogise Sharpe.

You forgot to mention Wynton Marsalis' public glowing tribute to Boogsie when he was in Trinidad as adjudicator for Pan is Beautiful III in 1986...But MakeitPlain,  that is one of the ills of competition...you have to take the good with the bad...

merrytonestothebone: I will give you a little bit of observation from the EXPAT side of the fence. American music performers or artistes are very easy with compliments when they see something like a PAN playing music or some foreign artistic expression. It's they way they treat each other. (The movie ALL THAT JAZZ took a couple pot shots at that flexibility -- if I remember that movie correctly since I saw it so long ago.)

I would not let those little phrases of praises go to my head.

Boy, ah glad is WOPAN that write that and NOT ME!!!

I wonder what WOPAN expected?

Be that as it may Claude I/we have been on the receiving end of that type of observation/language from so called "Big Band" supporters ...as tasteless as it is it is also kinda comical too to see fowl fighting among deyself...I is a "cockroach" leh me stay far away from dem....

Claude what you said about compliments might be true in general, but not when it comes to Boogsie. I happen to have had the good fortune to have known and worked for Max Roach. I can tell you with out any doubt that from Max to Herby Hancock they saw Boogsie as something special, not just as a pan player, but as a musician. And these cats don't give out compliments or are easily impressed. 

Pan Times:

I remember attending a Boogsie PanJazz concert once in Washington DC.

The other pannist -- I won't say his name -- played his set. He gave a really excellent performance. He was and still is a major pannist ln his own right, he has done gigs all over the world, including doing Hollywood soundtracks.

Then Boogsie came on, and within two notes, he had taken it to a higher level.

I do not exaggerate when I say two notes. I do not have a recording of the event, but I'll give one example, in a different genre, of a performer that can establish his genius and authority in just the first two notes: check out  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INkLVwtIr_I (Chan Chan by the Buena Vista Social Club). Here is another example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHsnZT7Z2yQ (Aretha Franklin making Obama cry).

Boogsie is in that kind of, --world,-- class. And that is merely as a performer, On top of that he is a maestro of the first rank. 

Yes, as I have objectively argued, Boogsie is off-centre in terms of the Panorama genre. To be upset with that enough to then suggest that the man is a jenny-ass (a pun on "genius") ... I can only shake, and hang, my head. I cannot comprehend, nor abide, that level of ignorance and pettiness.

-Big Sid

Great performance the band however he mention that all pan trinbago employees need to go to jail.

Big Sidd

Sun Tzu's Art of War, a classic indeed.

I thought Supernovas was right there last year. They only lost by a point. Amrit was dropping some killer transitions that made you go wow. I agree with this year the music seemed disjointed. 


Everyone screaming about PhaseII losing. The make it seem like Boogsie is the only person with any credibility to lose. Are we talking about Boogsie loss. or why All Stars won


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