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SOCA MONARCH MONEY cut in half ... Trinidad turn upside down

When my party was in power we gave the SOCA MONARCH producers SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS and now this other Government cut the allocation in HALF. And that is their constituency. Ah never see thing so; like the country turn upside down.


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How come we doh hear Chutney baldin fuh funds????? Chutney should run d Pan and Soca in T&T den, ent? Make sense to me!

I couldn't agree with you more. But dis is we ting so it goes nowhere.

For Emancipation day 2016, if  your UNC party had  won, the plan was to get people like  you  to help distribute thousands of saris and dhotis  made from African print. There was also a plan to import thousands of donkeys  for distribution for you 'Creoles' to start off like  the Indians and work your way up to the success they now enjoy.So you are right keep looking at the Indians.

It sounds to me that you lookin at dem too!

Not me nuh. I looking at the Syrians and the Chinese. Better dem than the Indians and Africans. Whatttt????

It's the politics of power. Let they who wish to be psyched, be psyched. But, we understand.

Your Party was partying, so the billions now owing have to be paid by the "next Party!" Bobolotics! Oh, not to mention sub$35.00 US a barrel of oil . . . Steups! Is ole talk for so oui!

All parties party. They bright so could fix anything on sub $35 US a barrel.

You have it wrong. When your party was in govt  the place was upside  down because they were spending money not knowing their arse from their  elbow. People like you didn't care if Ash Wednesday fell on a Saturday as long as those bastards were running the money. You didn't realise  what  they were fooling  you with was  joke  compared  to what their people were running off with. Everything is being revealed now but  you don't care. That is why your party and at  the time your govt endorsed what Jaishima Leladharsingh  had  to say about people  like you. Feh!

And Jit Samaroo, for many years, stood in the midst of 120 Africans and took 'em to high heaven with his arrangements. The last division that made sense was when Moses parted the Red Sea to free the Isrealites. "You People" and " people like you" do not belong here on this forum. And I am not talking 'bout you personally but the phrases used. We must be educated or seem to be when we talk "RACE.

I AGREE Patrick. We people are our own downfall! It is the same as saying that Pan people are the only ones qualified to run Pan. And we running d ting into d ground!



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