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Let me put it this way when we pick a song for panorama are we picking a song that can get the players and crowd involved or we picking a song for us to play. 

I ask this i am 40 and this is the 1st time my mom and dad came to a panorama in NY and said hey we understand the song what the bands are playing and we can sing along. lets go to saturday night, we sat and watched the panorama and every band that came on they where humming along and said bands should play more songs what people know.

I seen a post saying that they should make it a law where big bands should only play songs composed by the band or from other pan men like boogsie etc, does it make sense to play something that you alone knows and then sit back and complain your song didnt get airplay etc 

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London Gabriel, I am the guy pushing the own tune agenda, let me put one question to you, how will they develop pan composers if they don't play their own music, are you saying steelband should only have arrangers? What the audience think is not important here, what the judges do is. pan people should all ways promote each other. Soca singer not doing anything  for pan, they don't use pan in their songs.Important decisions has to be made concerning the Steelband.

not saying that at all but if I am correct ticket sales has increased due to more people coming to support cause they know whats going on. and for the record half of the song i heard posted in here for pan I wouldnt even pick them they need to go and come again, if we wont that then we should have every composer link with a popular artist that will help them push the songs like machel did with phase 2 for magic drum, whats the point in playing a song that the players may not even know, i would stay away myself if bands playing and I dont have a clue to follow along what they playing. Have you all seen the attendance for panorama this year that alone is clue that it had problem that needed fixing

Which PANORAMA did you refer to in your last sentence. And it is not half the songs posted in here that need to go and come again. It is about NINETY NINE PERCENT!!!

I somewhat agree with you. However, My suggestion is that all composers should have a dead line to submit their tunes for panorama prior to Christmas. A committee would then choose a set number of tunes that qualify as challenging for the bands. This method will allow the judges ample time to become familiar with these songs and judge the ability of the arrangers and how well their bands can execute these arrangements. 

Today we have any and everybody putting words together that make little sense and using synthesizers to fill in the gap. In addition to the above, all band composers and calypsonians will have a level playing field.

Whether we like it or not, calypso as we once knew it is loosing ground rapidly. It's the old adage, you put the frog in the pot with cold water and slowly increase the heat. It (we) will never know when our rear ends are cooked until it's, well, just too late. Just my suggestion as one son of the soil to another. 

A quick question: "Does a prolific/creative (pan) arranger necessarily imply that he or she is inherently a capable (pan) composer? I think your answer will greatly help me to understand your train of thought.

By the way, I missed your usual congratulatory wishes to the winning large band this year. Were you too busy celebrating (and rightly so!), or, did I just miss the posting on the forum?

Peter, I paid my respects to Duvone and Renegades they were just unstoppable, I'm especially happy for Duvone, God knows he paid his dues. To answer your question I should first let you know that I'm no musician so what I'm giving you is an opinion. The way I see it is if someone can arrange a panorama tune, a complex 8min piece of music, a 1min verse and chorus of their own should be a breeze. I would you of all people to understand my motive here, and it is simply that panist has to develop pan, don't let anyone decide for them. Use Andy Narell as an example, the 3-4 years he was with birdsong he NEVER let anyone take him off his game.

"Use Andy Narell as an example" ?

Why?  Because "the 3-4 years he was with birdsong he NEVER let anyone take him off his game."

Ces, Really?! Has anyone EVER let Boogsie take him off his game?

This constant reference, especially by expats, to Mr Narell as being the exemplary musician with the magic bullet, the cure-all-in-chief for all the alleged musical "ails" in the mecca annoys me.

A.L he is the most successful panman weather we like it or not. The point I wanted to make is, his persistence.

Boogsie has and continues to persist for more than 40 years.

Success for you  means $ucce$$, Ent? 

I'm aware of Mr Narell's accomplishments and his marketing acumen; he's after all a North American...........very much like the label 'most successful'.

A.L it's is sad to say, but today dollars trump everything.


Hell no!  Please!  May no one ever think that! 

Andy is unquestionably TALENTED at MARKETING.

More strikingly, he knows how to MARKET his TALENT.


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