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We are all grateful to the companies that sponsor our steelbands in the mecca, heaven knows they are needed, but there is a negative side to sponsorship, being that the bands grow to depend on them for most things thus hindering their ability grow.

What I would like to see is sponsors use their resources to teach steelbands how to operate as a business. They can either get together with sponsors from other bands or just work with their band. They can offer prizes to university students that come up with the best plan on how to utilize pan yards to run business.

Lets open up the pan yard seven days a week.

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Sidd, how can we get the sponsors moving in this direction?

I see the sponsor as the key player here, they have to stop enabling steelbands stagnate, if they devise a plan to help them I think the bands will agree for fear of looseing their contract.

The Government, sponsors and pan people have to pressure the steelbands to get up off their behinds and do something for themselves.  

This sounds great in theory, but I wonder a few things:  If it's  a business, is it a not-for-profit business?  Who are the shareholders if it is for-profit?  What is the role of the musicians, who spend time, but are not at risk for loss of income.  Are they then salaried employees  (making pennies per hour, no doubt)? 

Here in NYC I think we struggle with just this, as we are not heavy on sponsors.  As I watch large symphony orchestras and operas in the US go bankrupt, it's clear to me that we're not the only  ones who have figured out this rather complicated business model.

It could definitely stand some healthy debate and discussion.

Listen people all these ideas have been in existence since ages, and one of the most recent works on this is the paper done by Lloyd Best which was presented to Pantrinbago and is yet to be implemented. even before there are other suggestions for using the pan yards as viable businesses employing panmen year round. The plan that the organisation is probably leaning to is to divide the Organisation into different bodies leaving the organisation that is Pan Trinbago functioning as a union only subject to all the laws and function like a full fledge union responsible for representing players only. But you should be able to get all these documets from Pantrinbago.

Colvin, maybe it's about time we dust off some of these ideas and see what happens. The difference this time is getting the sponsors involve. There is no mention of PanTrinbago because it seem like most good ideas concerning the steelbands die in their office.

That is a wonderful idea,Teach a man to FISH  while you feed him fish and in the long run he will learn to get his own FISH


Winston, it's about time man start fishing.

Yes Cecil it's about time

Yes Sidd I have been saying the same thing for years the steel pan is the only instrument that some one

gets to play without owning one, any other instrument you have an interest in playing you got to own

or rent one.

I disagree about sponsorship having a negative effect on the steelband.

As a matter of fact, steelbands are  community organizations, and businesses should see it as their obligation to support them as part of their responsibilities to their communities, so the  lack of sponsorship is more problematic.

I am sure no one complains about millionaire patrons sponsoring art houses, operas and symphony orchestras.

However, that does not preclude steelbands from using their resources and facilities to create small businesses capable of employing young panists.

I am thinking of businesses ancillary to steel-bands like welding, construction , transportation, entertainment and catering etc. etc.

I know people who learned to weld in the pan yard. Steelbands could invest in transportation .

Steelbands should be using steelbsnd owned vehicles for transportation.

Steelbands could use their personnel to form construction type companies - painting, welding etc., all of which is done in a pan yard.

Not to mention industrial training in trades.

And please don't ask where the money comes from. it comes from the same source as the panorama money.

And it took me about five minutes to come up with this,

Consider what we could do if we gave it some serious thought.


Glenroy, before sponsors bands were resourceful, they found ways to get new instruments and whatever they needed to be ready for the road, these days those who are lucky to have a sponsor get instruments and uniforms ect. so they got lazy. What I am proposing is that sponsors help them to help themselves.

GLENROY, I must say that I am truly surprised by your comments. Two years ago I was preaching the idea of running steelbands as legitimate businesses and you made it your duty to rake me over the coals. One of your comments even referred to the idea as ignorance. Why the sudden change of heart? JUST CURIOUS!


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