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Why do you think it is so hard for steel bands to find sponsorship. 

Take a country like Grenada few bands but lots of hotels and super markets if one business sponsors one band or assist it will go a long way.

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London: I will answer your question from the other end of the spectrum. Through my lens, the first responsibility of STEELBANDS is to determine what product they have and what level of GLOBAL DEMAND there is for this product. And there are a lot of small marketing projects that could help in establishing these numbers. 

If while they are focused on this imperative they have some SPARE TIME, they could go BEG FOR SPONSORSHIP.

There is SO MUCH that they could do for themselves that it leaves me SHAKING MY HEAD in depression!!!

The same reason why they have no place to go. 

They are not serious. De ting dead.


I would attempt to outline just some of the prerequisites of sponsors/sponsorship, things they want documented evidence of, to see, to touch:

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Democracy
  4. Income and Expenditure
  5. Short, Medium and Long Term Projections
  6. Forward Planning
  7. Self Sufficiency/Self Reliance
  8. Foresight
  9. Succession Planning
  10. Ways in which the investment benefits the sponsor, promotes its product.

Unless of course yuh name starts with the following letters, LBS.

Most steelband leaders/owners do not encourage the first three tenets mentioned, and simply believe that their band in entitled to sponsorship, and advocate that, "Dey Eh Suporting De Culture". of course they're not supporting the culture of dishonesty that thrives in most steel bands, culture here being defined as "a way of life". 

Satisfy as many of the above as is practical, or possible within a structured framework, and you may very well attract sponsorship in Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Timbuktu or Mars Mr. London Gabriel.

You don't beg for sponsorship, you attract sponsorship.

PanFusion - Pan Cents

Continuing education...From 1993 documentary on the steelband movement.

But RUSSELL plenty better looking than Aquil, boy!!! Ah think ah have ah NEW HERO, yes!!!

If yuh ask me, when I look at Aquil, based on what Russel said in the PRO Dolly House profile his bad boy days may be catching up with him. Dey both have pan in dey BLOOD. No disrespect intended...

Nelson & Pan Elders - All Ah We Is One Family

Cannot argue with that contribution,!

All dem "RUSSELL PROVIDENCE HOOPS" ah STEELBAND LEADER have to jump through just to get a little SPONSORSHIP.

Ah hear about the TWELVE STEPS ... but ah never hear ABOUT TEN!!!

Nice try Gabriel

Look my friend tell me he take his own time suit and tie and went to all companies with bands profile and typed proposal as to how the money everything will be sent, and even if they cant give them full assist in buying a pan or a rack make.

Some said contact marketing and send an email to which he never gotten an email if they received it and some just say no they have no funds but at the same time he see them sponsoring artist and putting out more. 

I've  always thought as sponsorship as a two-way street. Sponsors help bands , that is true , but it is also beneficial to companies in terms of advertisement , especially if the band is successful .

And I'm not talking about "global "like Claude, I'm not that ambitious.

Locally in Trinidad ( and in Grenada I'm sure), companies have advertising budgets and steelbands have to approach sponsorship in a businesslike manner., if some of that budget is to be invested in a steelband.

Companies must also believe that sponsorship will benefit them , and in some cases  it does, and that is why they favor the big name bands.

How many Trinis got to know about Catelli the macaroni people , because they once sponsored All Stars ?

How many companies have we become aware of , because their names have been tied to steelbands ?

That's advertising , folks and it's not charity.

Most businesses are not charitable institutions , and must be convinced that , along with being socially active , there is also some tangible returns for their investment.

I'm sure that WITCO is quite happy to sponsor Despers as they promote their foul product ( Nothing against Despers , of course).

(This is me , again being a realist.)



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