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Spreading pan Love to the next generation. Fuad Abu Bakr Team PAN PRO

I want to tell you how our Easter Sunday Pan Love Drive came about. 

I recognise that pan must grow to ensure its future. It must spread to the next generation. It must touch people and places local and abroad that it has not yet done. So Western Stars thought, how can we interact with our community. Spread some love, infect them with love, Pan Love. We got our float up, Don Ramdeen is always willing, an excellent corporate partner, we made our way through the streets of Diego Martin stopping at key points to play for the people. We distributed over 500 party bags with treats to the children who ran out to dance. And three years later people expect us, gather awaiting us and move with us as we traverse Bagatelle, Patna, Covine etc.This is PR! Capturing the younger market, bringing your product to the people. Contributing to community. Team PAN has a plan to help bands to build membership in their locality and in so doing build communities. We have a plan to secure the future of Pan. Let's get this show on the road, please share and support. Keith Byer - President, Aquil Arrindell - Vice President, Khion De Las - Education Officer , Kerri Ann Gormandy Walters - Treasurer, Travis Mulraine - Assistant Secretary and Fuad Abu Bakr - PRO.


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Fuad: I think that you are coming in with a BIG FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE because you are coming in with TENTACLES embedded in the BUSINESS COMMUNITIES. And I see those connections as critical to facilitating restabilizing PAN TRINBAGO. Great idea and application ON THE GROUND.

But, personally, I am interested in GLOBAL PAN!!! How do you plan to extend your PRO borders beyond Diego Martin and out in the BIG WIDE WORLD.

And just like you outlined SPECIFICS in the PROJECT ABOVE -- I would like to hear a few SPECIFICS from you on this particular question.

And since I have a penchant for adding comic relief even to a serious discussion: How come YOUR TEAM hired MERCER RAMDOO as the INTERNET CAMPAIGN MANAGER -- when there was a talented INTERNET CAMPAIGN MANAGER like myself begging for the job?

Lol @ giving us an internet campaign manager.

We have an advantage in our ability to market pan internationally as well. His name is Keith Byer. He brought International Panorama into life, he has organized regional panoramas such as Grenada, he created the first tv series for pan and bands, his ban travels to international festivals constantly. His connections are unsurpassed and we plan to build on those and other resources and connections. It's all hands on deck after the election and we are confident that we can steer the energies and skills of our fraternity. We have a program to target international markets with rejuvenated Brands and Products. We will establish Ambassadors get our bands further out to the world. Many of my fellow brothers and sisters vying for this PRO responsibility are not quite as savy with the power of social media. Pantrinbago with Team PAN will have technological innovation, its capacity to market its members and its BRANDS will leap into the 21st century.

 We have the will and some of the ways. It's time to move forward. 

Claude Gonzales, Yuh go put me in trouble, boy. I am unemployed as of this writing. No affiliations to Mr. Byer and his team.
However, I like the youthful exuberance displayed by them. Young, Gifted and they seem to know what they are about.


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