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Just trying to get any information about any pan side that originated in St Anns. think there was one somewhere after the madhouse. a name in my head with "simple" in it but that might have been a football side. Help!!


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Simple Song?

think they from arima

Is only World Wide from Mt Hololo St Anns I know. Others on the Forum should know.

Was Dixie land for St Anns or Cascade?

Dixieland was actually from Belmont, led by Curtis Pierre. their yard was in Belmont Valley Rd., just behind Rising Sun, before they relocated to Palmiste St. The band I know from St. Anns was Kintups, which is Sputnik spelled backwards!


Dixieland was originally from Stone st, Cobotown, and Harmonaires, were in St Anns before Kintups!

Kintups....they used to practice at the Symond Valley Rd, junction , just after the "Mental Hospital", where the taxis turn.

@ Berthel...In Cascade there was also "Soul City". Their name is now "La Famille"

Yes La Famille, I forgot about them, Natasha is one of the lead players with them. Allan, you used to be with NHA back in the 80's?

Yes Bertel....retired in 2001



Good to know you are also in the mix here, I know you have all my History, yes? lol

Yea, Kintups was the band


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