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Just trying to get any information about any pan side that originated in St Anns. think there was one somewhere after the madhouse. a name in my head with "simple" in it but that might have been a football side. Help!!


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There was a band in the music festival in the sixty's
Mervyn & Gavin that was the band in the sixty's music festival

The only popular band I know from St.Anns was Kin Tops, famous for Some where over the rainbow and any where I wonder.

Harmoneers was just down from the madhouse, across the road from the post office. It was run by Ping, who had a grocery nearby. Further up St Ann's was Kintups, captained by Anthony Henry. Patrick Arnold played with them when he was living in Tdad.

Yes Kim, I used to play with Harmonaires for a while, in '55.....and, about 6 years ago, I went down, and Ping and the parlour/ grocery was still there.....you remember Gunness, and Rainer, and Sackie? You used to live round there?....Was Kintops there in the fifties, or later?

The name of the steelband was Kintups which was the reverse of Sputniks  which was situated on Henry St. close to Park St.They won a festival with Somewhere over the Rainbow It was arranged by Bert ........

thanks for the info guys. kin tups was the one I was looking for. BTW Soul city was a youth football side.

Was that the Ox from shandileer?

Steve, look how far "kintups" was from "Simple". Boi it was just as far as St Anns is from Arima.lol

Yes Steve....Greetings. Soul City was both the football side and steel band. Same members. I arranged for them and played football with them. I have copied & pasted a response fom a friend in Canada, Lawrence "Bertie" Rawlins, about this discusion ..... "Kintups was the first steelband in St Anns.
Tell him to contact Ping who is still established oppositte the Post Office and ask next door to the Post Office about Garnet D'abreau who lived there and was a member of both Sputniks (which was Joe Brown's band) and Kintups. Garnet D'abreau resides in Germany, he grew up with my older brothers."

The St. Ann's band was called Kintups and there was also one from Cascade called Tropicana


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