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St. Lucia 2014 Panorama Results - Pantime Steel Orchestra Takes Consecutive Championship Title

Gros Islet, St. Lucia, W.I. - drop such an overwhelming and commanding performance that the only thing in doubt is who is coming in second and/or third. Halfway through their performance, PanTime Steel Orchestra made it very clear there would not be any contest for first place on this warm July night in St. Lucia.

Whether you heard the performance live in the stadium, on the radio or via the internet the opinion would be the same. PanTime's rendition of Dream Big as arranged by Amrit Samaroo was awesome. There was never a lull in the performance. It kept building from the opening count to the end, with a small reprieve within the arrangement that drew on a small adaptation of the ‘Impossible Dream,’ to drive the storytelling aspect home. With the final note the crowd roared and erupted into spontaneous applause. There was no doubt about the outcome.

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Congrats to the Winners and to ALL participants.It takes tremendous dedication and commitment to prepare for Panorama and therefore the players of each Band must be also commended.
Huge Congratulations also to the Organisers.

Congrats to Pantimes and Amrit Samaroo


Windiest panorama I have experienced...

Here's a recording from the night before Panorama:



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