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Stalin writing lyrics for 'Boogsie' for Panorama

Trinidad Express

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Five-time Calypso Monarch Leroy Calliste (Black Stalin) is currently putting lyrics to Len "Boogsie" Sharpe's melody for his 2013 song for five-time Panorama winners Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove.

Stalin said the ace arranger asked him to do the song but when he got the melody he realised this was not just any song.

"That music too sweet for me to just do a thing, I want to do it justice, I have to sit and think what I want to do with that."
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Can't wait to hear it.

WST Adminitrator it is fame you want, I posted this article and you delete it, only to re-post it, this is not the first time you delete my post to re-post. You act like a real TRINI crab mentallity.

Mr. Williams, WST has warned you numerous occasions about posting full content of other publications. Your post was removed because you posted the entire article.  Unless you have the expressed written permission of the writer of that article, this is not allowed.

We will not warn you again.


Cyar wait to hear...  Dis one sounds like it go be real good!!!

With  Ray Holman and Andy Narell in the game Boogsie know that it is not only about winning in 2013. Lets face it we all know that Andy and Ray are not conforming to norms of panorama music today so Boogsie is between a rock and a hard place because although he want to win he will also like to produce music that is comparable to what is done by Ray, Andy and Zanda. I think we are in for a special treat in 2013.

Yes Cecil! And is me and Diaz running the show: Money like Rain!!! Stalin better get some good help with dem lyrics.


Claude, Diaz has the best job in T&T, he pays himself and aint have to explain anything to anyone, that beats  working on the docks and driving taxi.  We all know that he will fight with all he has to keep things the way they are, but when the "Fat Lady" sings that's it, these days she has been singing the blues.

Leh we see who could gie Stalin the best first line, here is mine.......

Diaz gone, Diaz gone not one pan person go morn because Diaz gone.

Claude, somebody must love Diaz besides his mother. How did he get in there?


Bugs: Sorry for taking so long to answer your question!!! But Diaz is a PAN JUMBIE who has spent his whole life dedicated to pan. He loves to campaign and he knows how to relate to the pan man. He is politically ambitious and he is a tireless campaigner. In the next few months he is going to run rings around the NEW VISIONARIES because they are a REACTIONARY group trying to squeeze through on the rail and win a race.

Diaz grew up in the rough and tumble so nobody eh squeezing in on no rail on him and breasting no tape in front of him.

PanTrinbago has NOTHING to do with what is best for pan; no more so than the PNM or PP having anything to do with what is best for Trinidad and Tobago. It is all about individual political ambition and employment and ego and, of course, control of the coffers.

Diaz is a great politician; he ran Patrick Arnold out of office; and now he is blitzing the upstart opposition into 2013.



I Love that line can't wait to sing it, already ringing in my head Diaz gone Diaz gone eh ah love it

"bun dem"


Cecil if we are going to be honest, Boogsie has won every year from a musical stand point with less than great efforts (no fault of his own). His only competition has been the music he has produced in the past.  We should look for Boogsie to make a musical statement. I have concerns about Phase II's practice with both Holman and the late Franklyn Ollivierre not present this year in the yard.

Boogsie has not won since he made Dias world famous with "Do Something For Pan". Claude might be on to something.



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