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Please somebody or people, Please Standardize the Steel pan, it is a MUST, so that someone or a band coming from overseas can rent the Pans to take part in Competition of Panorama/Boroughs day/Pan is beautiful/Music festival. You don't have to worry bout expenses to transport the Pan from overseas, more money for the people in T'dad for renting the Pans more revenue for Pan trinbago, everybody will share in this. All position of notes must be the same, the holes must be Bored at the same spot. eg; on a Cello, if it's Diminish like F dim, F G# B D

going clock wise, then all should be clock wise and not anti clock wise, and so on. This will advance the Steel pan/ the Culture /the Art form financially, All the players need is to get to T'dad and walk with money or plastic in their pocket and their Mallets/Sticks, and if they forget their Sticks at home, no problem buy some in T'dad. Please look at the big picture

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It's about time they wake-up from that long slumber.

The problem is which style  to use, because most tuners have their individual style, and their identity is in the note placement.   The tenor pan is more or less standardized, the double second to a lesser degree is using the Invader's style.

The tuners have to get together and solve this problem.    You are asking a tuner to give up his style, with which he is most comfortable, and you are asking him to adopt another tuner's style.    To him it is not about the best style, but rather is he willing to give up his style (note placement).

And this is as easy as breaking a sweet habit.

Hi Bede:

Not long ago, there WAS a big hue and cry about standardization, but nowadays you hardly here about it anymore.  We do need to keep blowing the trumpet  until there is a movement towards standardization.




Yes Peter, We have to keep the Movement on Standardization going, we have to push  and push till somebody get serious about this. You know how advance the Steel pan would be by now?  It would be so advance that we would not have to ask for any hand out from the Govt'

I am in total agreement with Standardizing the Pans
Hey Anthony Williams is right there in trini i saw Neville jules for carnival and ellie mannette is right here in west Virginia can't understand what's the problem like everything else I won't be surprised if someone else claimsthe instrument

As Robert Thwaites suggested, we still have 3 men that is alive that can make that decision for us, YES, MAKE THAT DECISION FOR US, Anthony Williams, Neville Jules and Ellie Mannette, Get them together and let them decide 

I'm in total agreement with this. A few years ago when I was completing my Bachelors Musical Arts at UWI, this was my topic for my thesis. I did alot of research and came up with some of the same explanations why the steelpan isn't standardized as yet. And I think it is high time for the steelpan fraternity to come together and make a firm decision which has to be accepted by all makers/tuners of the instrument. It amazes me that people can't see the value in this. A pianist can go to any country and play a piano at a concert or show as pianos are the same, note layout etc, he/she doesn't have to carry an entire piano with them abroad to perform. I really think its time to wake up and get this organized as soon as possible. It will also help to make the steelpan more accepted worldwide.

This is imperative! When will the pan community  in Trinidad wake up to this.  Other countries are making more money from Pan than Trinidad because of their slowness in taking action on standardization.  Let's hope that the urgency doesn't go away like did before (like Peter said).

I wrote on this months ago with regard to standardization from the point of view that all instruments keyboards,piano, strings etc are standard where anyone from any part of the world who can play these intstruments do not have to relearn the positions.

Further, we can manufacture standard pans and ship anywhere for those who want to upgrade, or start a steel orchestra and the ease of learning would be an asset for those who travel here to play in any band.


Leon Jean-Charles

We need leadership here to make this decision, we also need suggestions as to the best way to go about finding a solution.


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