We have to stand up NOW OR NEVER PANMEN WISE UP. NO $$$ N0 PANORAMA ..

God's blessings and season's greetings to all my fellow panist and steel bands men, I am totally fed up of the disrespect handed down to us from the central executive of pantrinbago .
I panist Dane Gulston is begging and pleading for us panmen to wise up now!!
Come together now!! And put this shit to an END ..
Personally I have no confidence in the president. He cannot take us forward with total break down in communication, lies about panmen money, lies about documents com...

ing in from NCC etc...... All of them taking us for fools..
We have to stand up NOW OR NEVER PANMEN WISE UP. NO $$$ N0 PANORAMA ..
All of them should go... see responses & more

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  • The Arrangers need to give full support to the Panmen. Without the bands what good is their music.

  • Never give up! Make your voices heard. Demand respect. Pannists are among the greatest givers to our culture. When you believe you take a stand, and stand tall!

  • Just read this... 

    Empathy Matters When You’re Making a Tough Decision

    When faced with a hard choice, it’s comforting to think that if you can just get the right information and use the right analytics, you can make the right decision. But serious problems are rarely black-and-white, and tools and techniques alone won’t give you answers. You also need empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who will be affected by the outcome of your decision — employees, customers, or otherwise. Consider what you would really care about if you were in another person’s situation. Ask yourself, and others, what you would be thinking and feeling if you were among the people hit hardest by the decision. If you’re not sure, reach out to those people or to people who can represent their experience in direct, concrete ways. If you’re making this decision in a group — as many tough calls are made — ask someone in the room to play the role of the outsider as vividly and persuasively as they can, so everyone else hears at least some version of the needs of the people a decision will affect.

    Adapted from “Timeless Advice for Making a Hard Choice,” by Joseph L. Badaracco

    • Merrytones if we hired you to remove the ganastas from town like in the movie the Magnificent Seven - are you saying there would be no collateral damage? Or are you saying because of the potential for collateral damage one should suffer peacefully?


      • Bugs...what I have said more than once is that "plaster don't heal sorefoot"...or put another way forcing Panorama on Pan lovers for the sake of expats having already purchased travel tickets, sympathy, government cajoling or simply stupidity will not save the foot in the long run. Even if magically Pan Trinbago kowtow to threats of a boycott and pay the outstanding players' fees it won't be enough. To save this sorefoot you may need serious consultation...maybe even amputation...unlike a real human appendage it could grow back in 2018...

        • I with you Merrytones... Shut it down and lets come back in 2018.

          Now what is this I hearing about Rolly Polly getting boot off the hill and now he looking for a small band to link up with? I hear that "Big Band" don't want to be associated with el presidente. How can dey do de man dat? Claude will be real pissed.


          • Getting a small band to link up with Keith Diaz will be like taking candy from a baby. He run ah lil bread and buy them a few new PANS and BINGO!!!

            • Claude just in - Pan Trinbago holding special meeting

              Pan Trinbago is calling all member bands to an Extra Ordinary General Meeting this afternoon, Wednesday December 28, 2016, at City Hall, Knox Street, Port of Spain, at 5:00 pm.
              National Panorama 2017 is the main item on the agenda.
              Two (2) representatives from each band are invited.
              Bands are asked to make every effort to attend this important meeting at which pertinent issues will be addressed and consensus arrived at on decisions taken.
              The meeting was convened by Richard Forteau, secretary.
              Keith Diaz, President, is also carded to address the gathering.


              • Hopefully, we'll get a report on the "going-ons", ent... ;-)

              • BACCHANAL FOR SO

                MAN AH REALLY WISH AH COULDA GO!!!

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