Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra fought hard on competition night and as a result, managed to dethrone the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra to become the 2015 senior panorama champions during the Steel and Glitter show on July 2nd.

Starlift played to the top spot while doing Alston 'Becket' Cyrus' 'Teaser'. The song was belted out by a 60-member strong band who earned some 275 points and the top position.

Six time winners, Sion Hill Steel Euphonium came in second while doing 'Soca Train' by the Band Rebel. They lost only by six points.

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The official results follow:

1st: Starlift Steel Orchestra - 275 - Duvone Stewart, arranger
2nd: Sion Hill Euphonium - 267
3rd: South East Steel Orchestra - 249
4th: Potential Steel Orchestra - 220
5th: Elite Steel Orchestra - 217
6th: Symphonix Steel Orchestra - 213
7th: Georgetown All Stars - 197

JUNIOR PAN FES (school bands)
1st: Girls' High School - 260
2nd: C.W. Prescod Primary - 230
3rd: St. Joseph's Convent - 207
4th: South Rivers Methodist - 198
5th: Bethel High School - 192
6th: Troumaca Gov't - 166

JUNIOR PAN FES (community bands)
1st: Starlift Steel Orchestra - 266
2nd: Sion Hill Euphonium - 252
3rd: Symphonix Steel Orchestra - 241
4th: Genesis Steel Orchestra - 214

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  • is there any audio or video of the winning band

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