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Statement on the Research Goal and Questions for Steelpan Builders or Tuners

For individuals who are steelpan builders or tuners, here is a brief description of the intent of the goals from this research. This research is about collaboratively developing environmentally sustainable practices for steelpan building and tuning through Environmental Sustainability Education (ESE) that would lead to the intended EnviroPan Green Seal. This intended seal would confirm to potential steelpan purchasers that the instrument was built and tuned in compliance with strict environmental guidelines to protect the builders, tuners, arrangers and players (end users) from serious consequences of unknown negative health effects.

It is well known but unsubstantiated within the steelpan community in Trinidad and Tobago that some steelpan builders and tuners have suffered ill health, and in one unfortunate case a fatality occurred from the residual hazardous chemical that is inherent in some drums that were once used to store dangerous chemicals. Therefore, the initial goal of this qualitative action research is to inquire if the physical health of steelpan builders and tuners is affected by the residual chemical they come into contact with in their course of making and tuning pans. It is also determining to what extent their health have been impacted, and whether there is a willingness to shift to ESE as a standard for the global steelpan industry. A later supplementary study based on a quantifiable approach would be used to gather relevant data to present a clearer picture of the cumulative loss of builders and tuners through ill health or death on the global scale.

The following link direct you to the questions that are provided as a guide for the inquiry into the current practice of the steelpan builder or tuner in various countries. This stage of information gathering is not a critique of any individual method or practice; neither does it suggest ways on how to improve making the steelpan or the tuning process.

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