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How do you see steel band music evolving over the next 3 years? Is there still an appetite for musicians to make recordings of steel band music? Do you see a global market for quality instrumental music featuring Pan?

Please let me know your thoughts on this and where you see the potential for creating a market.


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The potential for the steel band market has not even been scratched .Trinidad's government needs to get more involved and someone needs to show them the potential of what their involvement can mean to Trinbago's tourist dollars.The more people get involved with the instrument is the more they relate it to Trinidad and Tobago.This means more tourist dollars.

A good example would be to subsidize tenor pan's and sell them to tourist along with the address of where they can contact someone in their respective country, if they might want to learn a little more about the pan they are buying.

Another idea is for the tourism ministry to get involved with some of these major record labels and try and get them involved .Sure some of them might have an idea , but that is it. Most do not know what the PAN is capable of musically.  A lot of these kids (sorry I call them kids) are busy producing a lot of music that can use some PAN right in the middle of a lot of these songs. A lot of what they produce is selling millions . A little bit of PAN in the middle of a JZ rap tune or a Beyounce tune , could make the world of a difference for PAN MUSIC.

Invite some producers down to Trinidad and introduce them to some of our musicians . Let them knock heads and come up with some music .This has been done by a couple of musicians in the past but the Trinbago government needs to spearhead something . They need to get more involved and someone in Trinidad needs to take a leap of faith and do something. Our amazing , incredible instrument has yet to scratch the scratch of the surface . If people out there could just hear our instrument ------- that is all they would need to get them going. I sometimes wish I was a younger man .

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Herbbie Hancock could get a keyboard to sound like a pan and use his ten fingers, what use will he have for an acoustic pan that use two sticks?

I like your comment; it is an interesting perspective.


Ten fingers with the notes of the scale side by side and two sticks with the notes of the scale scattered over a larger surface tells you that the guy with the two sticks is out of his league, when it comes to tone the guy with the sticks might  have an advantage but with technology that too will be taken from him, so he might end up with an instrument that is nul and void .

It is sad for me to say but I think the pan had reached the end of the road in T&T. Some other country will adopt it and take it to the next level..........and make all the money because the people of T&T don't realize what they have.

I have seen the potential of the steelpan in Zhugai in southern China, in Hong Kong and other places. We need a pantribago with vision and creativity.

Well said Hameed, I would take it a bit further and say the people of T&T have to believe in what they have.

Here's a start to the future! New Steel Pan book needs funding to come to fruition! 20 Brand New Original Tunes written for Pan by a Pannist. The music is lead sheet style - good for a live combo AND comes with tracks recorded by a live band. To be published by Hillbridge Music this summer!

Aaron Abrahamson Cote's new band will be featuring a number of the new tunes on an upcoming CD entitled "Sea Breeze."

Thanks to Hillbridge Music & to Mallet Man!
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More info at www.CotePercussion.com
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What would be nice for Steel Band music is for everyone that compose a pan tune for panorama to have steel band music  accompanying  the vocals. This is how pan tunes should be made.

We have a steel pan here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and at times I feel bad because no-one gets excited about road marches, or the latest songs coming out of T & T.   Our youth group is having a blast learning songs like HOT HOT HOT and having our instructor compose a new and innovative ending.   He did that with the beginning AND the end of Toco Band as well....a neighboring "older" steel band were blown away when they heard it.  

We don't want to discourage that and our bass player has come up with a pretty cool baseline beat and wants the band to just run with it and compose our own song.   Both these bands had separately learned FOOTSTEPS and played them together for a festival and the audience was stunned - we were pretty impressed ourselves. 

Not sure what the future holds, we're just thrilled that our youth make time to attend practice every Saturday for 3 hours - they have jobs, lives, studies and yet we still entertain audiences all year long.

Thanks for your comments.


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